Sunday, January 6, 2008

6 January 2008

A dry but warm windy day today, not sure what the maximums were but they may have been in the 40s or 50s. Still very muddy in the fields so I decided to leave the horses in one more day, we are expecting a few warmer days and then a drop again so tomorrow if we get a bit of sunshine I will put them out for a run and roll in the mud, they should enjoy that, only problem is it rips the fields up. At least I can leave the barn doors open and get good ventilation in there.

Today's pictures are of Eb with one of his new owners, Stan. He has bought him for his wife to trail ride. Of course he was as dirty as heck hence the B&W conversions, they dont look quite as bad with all the mud LOL. This was the first time that Eb had been away from his brothers and the first time he had a saddle on and the first time loading into a trailer and it all went pretty smoothly, we had to do a bit of coaxing on the trailer loading thing but he got the hang of it quickly. The pitures are a bit dull it was overcast all day again.
He will be 2 in April or May so they are getting the ground work started on him so that by the end of the summer Valerie will be able to be riding him safely and confidently. They now have 3 of our horses, all Dosie's babies but different mothers.

Thats all for the day. Hope you all had a great weekend ((((Hugs))))



oldmanlincoln said...

Isn't that like losing a child? I mean like a child going away. I would think that would be extremely hard to do and to get used to it must be a real drain on your mental motors.

Nice photos though. You'll have to go see Eb.

photogchic said...

Off to a new must feel both sad and happy. A lot of firsts and he seemed pretty calm. Looks like Valerie got a good one.

Kathy C said...

Is it hard to let them go? He looks pretty calm for all the firsts he went through. Congrats. on your sale, even one gone will ease your burdon somewhat.

CG said...

I am sure you'll miss him but it looks like he got a great new home!

Rising Rainbow said...

I hate watching them get on the trailer to leave. Even when I know the home is good, it still tugs at my heart.

I know you feel the same way, because we have talked about it. Do something nice for yourself to help with the loss.

Strawberry Lane said...

Oh,so sad ... to see one of your babies leave.

But what a great horse, already. All those 1st time events and no problems. Bravo!

L said...

I'm sure it's sad to see him go, but how cool that you got one sold! And probably a real relief to know he's going to a good place.

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