Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Invisible Image Meme

I have recently been tagged twice by two different types of meme's so here is the first one that I got from Angry Buttons. This is a new blog I have just started visiting. You can see my five images at the bottom of this post.

This is how it works (I hope) I will add one thing, if you are not using your own photos please respect the copyright laws on any photos you may use, just because it is on the net and doesnt have a signature doesnt mean it is freegame to be used by anyone for anything. If necessary ask the picture's owner permission and NEVER remove a copyright logo, it is polite and the law LOL:

What’s an Invisible Image?

As bloggers and computer users for various purposes, whether for work, play, art or some other interest, we tend to collect images on our computer for later use. They could be any type of image that you had intended to use somehow.

Often they are photos headed for the family site, or quirky images that get sent to friends via email, they could have been intended to act as a header for a blog post, or indeed they are images that have been sent to or found by you on the internet, with no real purpose in mind. The point is, for whatever reason, we all tend to have quite a stash of images.

And despite our best intentions, many of these images just hang around on c drive collecting dust. Maybe the moment had past, or there were too many for the one subject, or we simply didn’t finish the post that they were intended for. For whatever reason, it’s these forgotten and ne’er used images that I like to refer to as Invisible Images. And it’s these Invisible Images that this meme is all about.

Before I get to the rules I’d like to point out that despite what I may insist to be the rules, there really isn’t any way for any of us to insist and police the strict adherence to these rules. So this meme is to be conducted under the honour system. (Or for those with no honour then you must conduct yourself under the honor system) (tehe, just a little word joke...) So here are the rules;

Rule 1:
Any image used for this meme must never have been used for any purpose by you before.
Rule 2: Refer to Rule 1.


1: Take 5 images that you have stored on your computer and post them, each with a title and/or a single line description of what the image is, or represents, or means to you.

2: Tag five people telling them that they are in fact tagged to do this meme, and also asking them to take a look at your 5 images and then email you 1 only Invisible Image from their stash.

Remind them that they are to avoid sending one that you have posted in your meme. Insist that they do this within 4 days so that on the fifth day you can post another Invisible Images post as before, but this time using the 5 images that you received from your taggees. Only this time you don’t need to tag anyone. And who knows, you may even get a full post out of one of them. After the second posting, you have completed all your meme obligations. Simple and, I hope, effective.
So here are my 5 pictures all old shots taken with a very old digital:

This represents a time when I merged
my love for horses and my love
for photography, one of my first pics.
I have always ridden English and when I arrived
in USA this was my first western saddle!

This little foldup bike was one of my modes of
transport in the two years that I spent in London
before coming to the USA

This is the tunnel I had to walk through to cross the tracks
to get to the station when I worked and lived in Eltham
London and needed to get into Central London or
elsewhere. The graffiti is very common.

This was the first time I had seen snow and I took this in
Greenwich Park London after about an inch of snow.

Now on to sending Angry Buttons his invisible pic from me and I nominate (sorry guys, dont hate me too much!!!!):

Pats Pictures
L and Mira

I have just got another Meme so now I have two more waiting.




Angry said...

Hey Lori, thanks so much for doing my meme... these are fantastic and my favourite ones are the last two. (But hang on... I like the first one too.)

For sending me my Invisible Image you can use the email address that is on my Blogger profile if you click my name on this comment.

Or alternatively you can use;
either will be fine.


Rising Rainbow said...

LOL. It must be the season for them, don't you think. That's really a pretty face on that buckskin.

Strawberry Lane said...

Well, that was jolly good fun! Enjoyed the photos and notes along with them!

L said...

Belated thanks for including me! I don't know when I'll get time, but we'll see!

Callie said...

Love the pic of Greenwich Park. I visited there and found it fascinating. I have a few pics of my own from that area. A street market and a cool phone booth, etc. That's a great photo!

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