Monday, March 3, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays

It was 55F when we woke up this morning but very windy and the mud in the field was dreadful so I brought all the horses in to feed them. By the time I had achieved that I had more mud on me than the horses had on them, and then it started raining and has been on and off all day. Yukky day. The temps are going to be dropping to around freezing again over the next few days, like riding a rollercoaster!
The pic I am posting today was taken when Taxes was 5 months old after I had weaned him and he was still manageable, sort of LOL, Brat. I love this horse, his conformation and movement are beautiful but then I am barn blind! The only thing he is missing is the white spot to get him into the regular paint horse registry, in fact he couldnt have much less white if he had tried as he only has a sock on his one back leg and a thin blaze and that is it. Paint Horses are meant to have lots of chrome (that is what the call the white spots) and it has to be in certain areas to qualify.

His wound is looking okay, he is messing with it I think (licking at it) but it is looking clean and some of the flap of skin is coming away right now so hopefully this will get it moving forward and closing the gaping hole in his chest.

Well other than half of my field being under water (the fences work though I zapped myself on one today!!!!!!) and the rest being a muddy mush, it is getting colder and has been dull all day, that is about it for the day.

Hope you all had a great Monday. ((((Hugs)))) and thanks for your visits.



photogchic said...

Love seeing old photos of Taxes...reminds me that that tax deadline is just around the corner:-)

Rising Rainbow said...

He is a nice horse even if he has no spots. LOL

Anonymous said...

All we got so far is more rain this election day. And, it is supposed to get worse with ice and snow.

Glad the horse is better or his wound is getting better.

Angry said...

Oh Lori... I feel so awful... I haven’t visited you in such a long time, but what’s worse is that I have no excuse to offer you.
Just a quick glance over your recent posts and I simply can’t understand how I could have deprived myself of such a wonderful blog as yours. Well not knowingly at least.


Anonymous said...

We woke up covered with ice this Wednesday morning. I am betting you are the same.

CG said...

Lovely to see Taxes as he was and glad he's on the mend. Thank you SO MUCH for the lovely calendars. Sian and I were thrilled to bits!!!

Stacey Huston said...

great photos, You do a fantastic job.! I LOVE the black and white of the paint. just gorgeous. and the cat looking in the window is too funny... thanks for sharing

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