Monday, May 19, 2008

After the Horse Show

Photographing my first show of the year is over and I have a few weeks before the next one. This was a Pinto show (Spotted horses and ponies) and I have been doing their photographs for the past 6 years. They usually have 3 shows a year. While I was wandering around these tulips caught my eye, I thought they were nice and bright so here they are, I have never seen varigated colors in tulips.

Usually I would travel home on the Saturday evening as this is only 60 odd miles from home but with the gas situation being so bad, nearly $4 a gallon one of the members Bobbie Anne (BA) and her husband Nick put me up for the night for which I was very grateful. The picture below is of the pony Little Bit who was bought by the little girl next to him with her own money, Alex, and her great aunt BA. Little Bit has started rolling barrels around in the field at home so we were trying to capture a pic of him doing it here after the barreracing classes on Saturday evening. This pony is amazing, he pulls a cart, jumps while being lead on a lead rope and competes in just about all the events that the Minis do and very well. I am always looking for unusual "things" at the shows and love spurs. Although I have never seen any of those really ornate ones that some of the people wear here is one from this weekend and the second one including the horses, head LOL, have to have at least one picture of a horse!!
I love the ornate toolwork on the saddles and bridles and the bling that goes with the western riding classes both on the horses tack and the people. The outfits that the riders wear are as important as how the horse performs and looks.
Saturday started off raining, I arrived a bit late and missed a few classes but it was indoors so the pictures werent going to be wonderful anyway, I tried my best under the conditions. In the afternoon the sun had come out and they had managed to get the arena dry enough for us to be able to walk in it. It was quite warm but very blustery which was pretty unpleasant to say the least because the maple trees are just dropping their seed pods and we were bombardered with those all weekend.

We had an inch of rain on Saturday night which put the arena back where we started but we managed the first classes in the makeup arena which was pretty dry. They were the jumping in hand classes and trail. Then we moved into the large arena for the ridden classes. It was absolutely freezing the whole day. The wind had an arctic chill and I was wearing two shirts and my jacket which thank heavens I took with me and my hands were still freezing. When the wind dropped it was pretty pleasant but it blustered both days unfortunately.

I was pretty tired by the time I had driven home and fell asleep at 8pm and woke up at 8am this morning!!! So that is my weekend in a nutshell. Larry is busy getting all the photos up on my website because I was on my own there so couldnt do the sales too. I gave everyone cards with the website address and they can see their proofs there. It started to work pretty well with the shows last year.

I am catching up on blogs and mail and am just going out to start feeding the horses their dinner.
Hope you all had a great weekend ((((Hugs))))



photogchic said...

Great pics Lori...I love looking at fine western wear from chaps to spurs...really great pieces of art.

Mike said...

Great pictures as always. I wish it had been a little nicer weather for your show. I know it would have made it a lot more fun. That is the thing about Spring though you just never know what you are going to get.

Strawberry Lane said...

Fastastic photos! The tulips are a visual treat! How cute is that little pony! And ... love those spurs. You certainly have a gift with that camera!

Strawberry Lane said...

Please stop by Strawberry Lane ... there is an award for you there.

Dinesh said...

superb pics.great collection.

please visit

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