Monday, May 12, 2008

A better day

Okay so now that I have bored you all to death with my in depth account of Dawn's and the railroad's antics, I will try to find something interesting to write about today.

We have a big Douglas Fir/Pine in our front yard which was originally a Christmes tree that was planted over 55 years ago after Xmas was over by Larry and his family. Every year it gets these pink cones on it. Apparantly they are normally only on the higher branches but these were right on the lower branches too. This tree is about 40- 50 feet high now. I didnt succeed in getting decent pics of the cones today as we had a lot of wind but here are a few to brighten your day.

The railroad is getting going on fixing our boundary fence, how long it is going to take I dont know. I just hope I dont have any more excapes before it is done. I wanted to send these four mares to the pasture down the road this month anyway, the three two years olds and the black, and black and white mare because they all get on so well. Maybe I need to do that soon.

I finally put the horses all out tonight again, they were so happy, it had dried out enough not to make too much of a mess and the grass or what there is of it which isnt much has had 3 days to sprout which will keep them hunting for tips of grass to nibble on. I think they are happier outside anyway.

Another load of sawdust to unload tomorrow.

I shoot my first horse show this weekend but have to stay away overnight because the cost of the gas makes it cost prohibitive to drive home for the night (about hour and a half drive). I will be staying with one of the members which will be great. It is a pinto show (spotted horses or all shapes and sizes you can see last year's shows on my website still click on shows and orders, cant remember LOL.

See y'all tomorrow. Susan enjoy your day with Cookie. I will be thinking of you.



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CG said...

That fir tree is so pretty; i love those pink cones. Glad the railroad is making good the damage!!

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