Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kids & Animals - They Never Act Like You Expect!

I didnt get any pictures today despite my best intentions. My wonderful quiet laid back horse did everything I put him to, he bathed, got shampooed and conditioned, brushed mane and tail, clipped with the electric clippers like he had been doing it all his life instead of for the first time, looked beautiful and I put him in a stall with straw so he couldnt get dirty again. I put him in a stall with sawdust and the first thing he did was roll!!!!! so I had to rinse him all off and make another stall with just straw in it.

Drew and his client arrived at probably around 1pm and took to Blaze immediately. Darlene, the client, looked at Blaze and said he was exactly what she was looking for, could have done with a bit more white but was great. She also fell in love with Blue LOL. Drew fell for Dosie and took him (he is the 9 year old gelding) and he has also taken Dream to fit him up for basic halter and walk trot for us so that we may get a chance to show him at the next Pinto show in June or July. So instead of being one horse down I am three horses down!!!!

That was the beginning of the fun part, Blaze decided he was not going to go into that trailer for anything in the world. Even after we got Dosie out of the field and he loaded straight into the trailer, Blaze still wouldnt go in. We eventually after lots of bashes and bruises on Darlene and my part, and fighting decided to try Dream who also wasnt so keen. Only option was a bit of sedative so we got hold of our vet who was just on his way to the race track so we were lucky to catch him.

We gave them a bit of sedative and with lots of manual manipulation got Dream in the trailer, and even with the sedative we still couldnt get Blaze in!!! Here I have been raving about how wonderful this horse is, that he does everything calmly and well and he is turning into a nightmare. Well to cut a long story short we did eventually get him in, that whole thing took us about 2 and a half hours trying to load. They had an hour and a half drive and are at their destination now and everything seems fine. They waited a while so we were sure they were comfortable and the sedative had worn off before they left.

I was so embarassed that this little horse was such a butt head LOL, he showed a bit of his grandma's stubborn streak (Girl Sonny, Taxes' momma).

So that was the full day because by now it was 5.30 and I needed to start the feeding all over again I am exhausted. The horses are safely installed in their new homes which makes me so happy, and now I just hope that they perform like all their siblings have in the past, like stars LOL.

I have just picked a picture out of the archives to post today. If I had caught our battle on film it would have been quite a series of shots!!!!

Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend. (((((Hugs))))))




Grey Horse Matters said...

Well congratulations on your horses finding a good home. I'm glad to hear they are all doing well, now that the trailer incident is over. Have a great weekend too.

Anonymous said...

I am happy for you that everything worked out.

The photo you posted looks like some Yarrow I just planted a month ago. Mine is in bloom and about the same color.

Rising Rainbow said...

Congratulations! 3 horses gone in one day. That's great!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Thanks for your comments all, I am really glad to see three go to such a good home, Dosie the 9 year old gelding has already been ridden (came out of the field after over a year of not being touched) and his owner is ecstatic with him. I just know this is going to make a great team.

Abraham, the plant is a version of milkweed I think, I first noticed it last year when I was mowing the field and there were monarch butterfly caterpillars on it which surprised me. Maybe I need to delve further and find out exactly what it is.

RR it is like a tonne off my shoulders and when the 5 go to the pasture down the road, stilll trying to see if we can get it baled, I will feel great.


photogchic said...

Great you found good homes for them. It gives their new owners something to work on...trailer loading:-)

Piuta said...

Thanks for writing this.

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