Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday 17 July 2008

My first picture today is of the old abandoned railway station in Hartford City where I live. I promised Luisa that I would post a shot of it. I should have waited until a bit later when the sun was lower to take the shot so this is just a tempter, I will get another photo of it without all the shadows. Not a terribly exciting building, but they are busy removing all the track at the moment as this line has not been used in years (wish I could say that about the one next to us which is very busy 24 hours a day)

I rode again yesterday and Cayenne is doing really well but we are in a bit of a heatwave at the moment and it makes it very uncomfortable to be doing anything strenuous outside. Today I taught Wiggle how to load into the trailer and she did very well too. So now I have Cayenne and Wiggle loading into the two horse trailer!!! Maybe I will get my trail riding in yet!

I visited Lisa for a bit yesterday afternoon, we did a bit of shopping and then I sat in her cool back yard and enjoyed the cool breeze in the shade and the squirrels!! Here are a few of the shots from yesterday, I havent had time to edit them all yet.

In the first pic this little guy is spreadeagled out on top of the squirrel feeding box while there is another one inside. They won't share the box so they each have to wait their turn.

This is the one that I was standing on Lisa's dining rom table chair to shoot through the window!!
This little guy hung around and made one attempt to come pretty close but lost his nerve and was hanging around the base of the tree. They will get used to us being there and I need to get some peanuts (uncooked ones), which will help lure them and get them used to posing for the camera!

Abe I know you are boiling with us, try to keep cool. That's it for today, hope you are all well and staying cool or warm whichever is preferable for you at the moment LOL ((((Hugs)))))


The Chief said...

Just checking things out but I wanted to say - I LOVE the photo of the train station.

Very rustic. I'm not an artist but I would say you have a good eye.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hey Lori. Sorry I missed you this evening. I like your last squirrel. He looks so cute sitting by the ivy. Good shot of the train station. Hopefully see you tomorrow. Off work again!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Like the pictures of the railway station and the squirrels, especially the one spread eagled waiting his turn. You're right it is way too hot to ride.

CG said...

Oh, what cute squirrel pics. Shall we trade places? You're too hot and I'm too cold in damp and dreary England!

Mike said...

Love the train station and oh yeah the squirrels. :) We are leaving for Colorado tomorrow, hope to get a few pictures along the way. Take care and stay cool, we have certainly heated up now!

Naturegirl said...

Lori I am so pleased that you came by & introduced yourself to me! It is amazing how little garden vistors posted can lure new friends to come by! I thank you!
I know that I will enjoy coming by here as I see a bit of a kindred spirit in you ..raising all these horses...a dream of my Mr. Natureboy!
I shall have him pop in and see your wonderful horses!

Oh dear about the chipper and the cat..ouch! That is the reason I don't tame these wee fellas to eat out of my hand as I want them to fear getting near and run away fast! (My girls think that he is a mouse..being so small and fast!
hughs NG

Luísa Lima said...

Hey Lori,

Sorry for taking so long! Been sorta sick lately :-/ This is killing my patience!!!
Beautiful railway station!!! I'm sure you can find a lot of subjects around that one... Thanks for taking the time to satisfy my curiosity :-)

And those squirrels are really cute!! I miss my Boston squirrels... We never get them here in Porto :-(

(((Abraços))) ;-)


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