Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday 15 October 2008

It has been a long hard two weeks and more and forgive me for not updating here but I have had a lot of inner struggles to deal with, memories good and bad have resurfaced since the passing of my Dad and I have been contacted with friends of our family while I was growing up that I havent heard from in 30 years. Those days seem like just yesterday.
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Above is Wiggle letting us know what she thinks of all this standing around stuff and not doing anything, she is yawning, in case you didn't know LOL.
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I wanted to try to get a fall mirror image a few days ago and went down to the Lake down th road but the wind was blowing slightly so the water was not smooth and the fall colors havent come in quite yet as well as they usually do. The road runs down the centre of the two ponds and this is the view of one of the resting places along the bank with chairs to sit in and enjoy the view. A lot of people fish here, the facility belongs to a religious group and in the summer holidays it is always buzzing with activity as they organise activities for their youth all summer long.
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Not such a pretty picture but I was coming home the other day and just before I turned into our drive I saw this buzzard in the middle of the road with a dead rabbit (not too sure didnt go and look closely). I had stopped and was inching my way closer to it when this car came from the other direction and the buzzard took off.

I have regained contact with so many old friends and family over the past two weeks and am sort of in a daze at the moment, Larry has taken the workload off my shoulders and we have finally found a young man who does a good job in the barn and is good with the horses. We will probably not be able to keep him on semi full time for long as we really can't afford him but he has caught up on all the heavy work and repairs that I just havent been able to do. It has been a great relief.
I will probably do a lot of reminiscing in the near future as I am finding that I am remembering things that I had suppressed from years back and am finding it to be quite relieving and healing to bring them back to the forefront and deal with them finally. I hope you will all stick with me on this journey!
Hope everyone is well.


CG said...

I love the photos, especially the one of Wiggle yawning!! You can be sure of my company/support on any journey you take,Lori. Thanks for the advice re ankle - I'm more jeans and boots than dresses and heels lol.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photography as usual. I love the yawning horse.

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