Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday 22 November 2008 - 6th Folder 6th Picture

My friend Lisa got tagged for a fun tag. If you go to your sixth folder in your My Pictures folder, and select the 6th picture in that folder, post the image and details if you can remember them! She didn't tag me because I NEVER return the favor LOL but this one is pretty easy so I thought it would be fun.
This is a picture from a few years ago when I first started putting Lori and Wiggle out together with other horses. They were having a good run and letting off steam and we still had a bit of grass for them to eat.
If anyone else feels like joining in go for it, I am supposed to nominate 5 or 6 people but will leave it up to each of you as individuals as to whether you want to do it or not.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Mike said...


I have a funny feeling I am writing this at the sametime you are writing yours to me!

This does sound like a fun tag, I will have to see what comes up. Doesn't mean I will post it though!:)

Thanks for your comments. I have been following your mustang posts and I am saddened by the way horses are treated. There was a big story on NBC nightly news, which I rarely get to see but it was about thoroughbreds which are past thier prime and a lady fighting to rescue them and adopt them out. Reminded me of you. Such a sad story but one with a hopeful twist.

I have gabbed on for much longer that I anticipated. Hope you are doing well. The portrait class has been fun and will likely be something I will pursue to earn some $ to pay for this passion! I think the picture of the park in El Dorado Springs is probably the first real picture I have taken that I want to print off right and put in my office at work. I, like you, have so many cherished memories of that place but I can't go back like I would like to and make a difference there.

Thanks so much for all the comments you give me, I don't feel like I have been a good blogging buddy in return.

Take care, I am jealous you got a little snow. I hope to get some train shots in the snow sometime.


CG said...

What a great picture.

There was something good in our news last week. A stable full of retired and abandoned racehorses is being used to help autistic children. It was wondrful to see the kids interacting with these wonderful animals!

Donna said...

I always love to see pictures of horses running free, not something I get to see that often as all of my friends live in stalls and only briefly get turned out every day.

Wingnut said...

Hey girl! I'll play, I just checked and guess what, my 6 6 6 6 6 image is........ 2 wild pinto mustangs in the Steens Mt herd, Oregon from this summer.

Check out mine at:

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Lori. I must get out there and get some more pics of your horses. I would really love to see them in the snow! I pics of 4 deer last evening, but unfortunately, the lighting wasn't very good, so the pics didn't turn out so well.
Have a great week and hope you have a good Thanksgiving.

Rick said...

Great photo - good capture.

Mojo said...

My "My Pictures" folder has so many levels of subfolders I couldn't really do this the way it's written.

But if I could, I'd hope it'd be an image as good as this one!

I guess I came in late on the mustang story, but it sounds like the same old song and dance we get any time there's a profit to be made off public land. I have to admit, I'm mostly ignorant of the issue living where I do. We have wild horses on some of the barrier islands, but those are part of a protected wilderness and as such are reasonably safe. Other neighboring states with the same conditions allow very limited "procurement" of such horses by individuals once a year, but as far as I know North Carolina doesn't allow this practice. And even then we're not talking about a wholesale roundup. In those cases, individuals are allowed to go out to the islands and return with a single horse, but they assume responsibility for its care. I assume this is done to keep the population from overrunning its resources. (I further assume that some sort of screening goes on before the individual is allowed to take a horse off the island, but I don't know that for sure.)

Doesn't sound like this kind of thing would work on your problem out there though. The sheer numbers would make it nearly impossible.

Then again, the Banker Ponies aren't grazing on land cattle barons would be likely to want. So they're largely left alone.

If promoting awareness will help the wild ones in your part of the country, I'm happy to help. The East Coast has its share of animal lovers...

Since you photograph horses all the time (and I definitely don't) I'd love to get your opinion on the one I posted for Thursday Challenge this week if you have a moment to take a look.

Rising Rainbow said...

There are flowers for you over at my blog. I hope the bright bouquet cheers you up this dreary time of year.

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