Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday 5th December 2008

Wow the year is nearly over. Lots been happening here but I am just not getting to post so I am going to try to post at least one picture each day and if I can think of something profound to say I will otherwise I will just give details of the photo(s).

When I married Larry I inherited 3 step-"children" and six grandchildren so was an instant grandma. Larry is 15 years older than me. Well at 48 I am a great grandma because Larry's son's son had a baby boy five weeks ago and the first picture is one I snapped last weekend when they all came over to have late Thanksgiving dinner with us and to introduce us to the new baby. This picture is particularly special because it shows the four generations of the Schmidt men. The second one Larry's daughter Stephanie took with my camera, I haven't held a baby in many many years and this little guy was just too cute but I look like an old hag, need to PS the wrinkles out LOL and learn to smile with my lips closed LOL.

In typical Indiana style, we have gone from only a week of nice fall weather straight into the sub-freezing temps. This morning we woke up to 11F and toped out at 24F but at least it is better than the mud. Only thing is there is not enough snow on the ground which is frozen to put the horses out. They have been in for over a week and when they are put out they are going to run and I am scared they will slip on the ice. When there is a few inches of snow down it makes that less likely. We are expecting a few more inches in the next few days, we will see. At the moment we have a light coating on the ground which tarted to melt then froze up again making a nice icerink outside.

The horses are all well but unfortunately I lost my black cat, Wild Cat. We suspect that the neighbor hit him with their car, he killed huggy cat a few months ago and didnt even bother to come in and tell me or stop and see if the cat was alive or dead. Unfortunately there is an easement running right through the middle of our property so that they can get to their house behind us and it runs between the barn and the house and so the cats are always back and forth. I wonder how he would feel if we had to use the same lack of care if we were driving through his property with his children there? These animals are my children and to lose one of them affects me equally as badly as if I lose a member of my family. Wild Cat was one of the very first litter born after I came here 7 and a half years ago and he was a loving gentle cat who really loved me with all of his being. He would have crawled under my skin if he could, always held his claws back when he played with me and didnt bite hard but at the same time making it look like a viscious tussle. He used to run across the drive from the barn and shoot up the tree by our front door and he used to climb up my insulated overalls to get loved, or climb up the step ladder and then if you came close enough would jump onto your shoulder and drape himself around your neck. I will post a picture of him in the next few days, goodbye my buddy I am going to miss you.

Well on that sad note I hope everyone has a great weekend, we are in for a very cold one. Still slowly working on my stock pictures. ((((Hugs)))) to all of you who havent given up on me.


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CG said...

Congrats on your new grandchild, Lori, and you look lovely.

I was so sad to hear about your poor cat. It just breaks my heart to hear of a loving pet being killed in such a casual sort of way. Sending you {{HUGS}} and wishing you lived closer!

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