Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday 8 December 2008

Was a bit warmer today I think we actually got into the upper 30sF Woohooo. I can't remember if I posted any of these before but this was me messing around with slow shutter speeds and zooming during exposure. I can't remember which of the horses is the third photo but this is another of my rim light experiments.

A bush with red leaves zooming while exposing with a slow shutter speed.

I think this is Dudette, I will have to check LOL.
The trees down our drive with their autumn leaves shot with a slow shutter speed so the wind made the blurred effect. I am very pleased to say that one of my esteemed colleagues who's photography I admire greatly purchased a small print of this photo as it has all the colors in her bedroom that she is redecorating.

I am hoping that I will be able to put the horses out soon but you need ice skates to get around outside without having to shuffle along so you dont slip on your butt. The snow melted a bit a week ago and then it refroze and snowed a bit more hence the ice rink.
Hope everyone is having a good week ((((((Hugs))))))


Donna said...

Wow, I love all these shots. I especially like the last one, it would go wonderfully in my purple dressing room. BTW, how do I get a calendar?

Katie said...

The one of Dudette (what a fabulous name) has a special quality about it that I love.

Julie Blair said...

Love the use of rim light on Dudette Lori!! Glad it is warmer is chilly here in the low 60's. And I just walked on the beach...yeah, I know I am spoiled.

CG said...

The photo of Dudette is stunning. Keep warm and no falling over on the ice!

CG said...

The photo of Dudette is stunning. Keep warm and no falling over on the ice!

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