Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday 29 March 2009

I have been going through a lot of my old photos, the few that I did get scanned and on CD before I came over here and subsequently lost my original photos, slides and possessions. The majority of the digital photos and scans are not of very good quality because 10 years ago things weren't as advanced as they are now with digital and good film and slide scanners etc. but they will make great small prints. I have started watermarking my photos as theft on the web has become a problem, and we find our photos and artwork are being stolen and used in all sorts of applications to manufacture jewellery, light switch covers, keychains, greeting cards and 1000 other things that only require a small resolution image. The ones above were taken in South Africa.

I am making up a series of ACEO cards, the type that artists hand paint measuring 3.5" x 2.5" and they have people who collect them. If you can't afford a whole bunch of original large prints or paintings and you like a particular artist or photographer's work, this is a nice way to be able to appreciate and possess someone's art or photography for a reasonable price.

I have been listing them on my username is Loriprophoto so if you do a search you can find my shop or you could click on this link Lori's Etsy Shop and you can check out some of my photographs and crochet skills (my relaxation) and heck who knows for a small sum you could own a collection of my photographs and boast about having known me when I was a poor starving artist after I become rich and famous!!! Yeah right. This site is dedicated to hand made items and antiques and you can find just about anything hand made on there. It has a lot of jewellery.

I started crocheting a few months ago when I was really stressed out and have made all sorts of product, dish wash cloths crocheted in wool (believe me they really work well), baby blankets, scarves, beanies, tissue box covers, toilet roll holders and many other things. Now I am sitting with a box of goodies and nowhere for them to go LOL.

After our beautiful spring weather we have plunged into freezing temps this morning with rain sleet wind and snow all day. They say it will warm up later, we will see.
That's it for today guys and gals, hope you are all surviving this inclement and variable weather (((((Hugs)))))) to you all.



Kym said...

Lori, I am curious, how do you find out if your images are being stolen? That kinda of freaks me the way, I love your work!

Donna said...

Hi Lori, I have bookmarked youe etsy site. I would like to get some of your print cards when I get another job and can justify an indulgent purchase!

Anonymous said...

I will have to go back to see what you are doing on the "etsy" shop as the side is announcing it is down for maintenance this morning.

Like you we had a lot of misty-type rain and a few snow flakes all day yesterday. I went outside once for a second and had some really serious breathing problems for a while afterwards.

I have not yet accepted the fact that my lungs are "really" shot and I am no longer able to do what I used to do. Including things like going outside if it is cold (39) yesterday here.

I have watermarked my photos and now have the copyright © notice down pretty low. I have done it both ways. I would be upset if I saw my stuff being used for commercial purposes.

That is one reason I no longer have a big archive. I take the photos down after a few months which pisses a lot of people off but that is the way I do it. Nobody goes back and dwells on archives or I don't know of anybody who does, possibly thieves do.

I have a blog, "gobsmacks", which is different. I use somebody eles's stuff there -- youtube so far.

Liz said...

Beautiful photos! Where were you in South Africa? My hubby and I have been twice and just loved it.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Lovely pics Lori. WHat a pity that you have lost most of them.

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