Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday 11 April 2009 - Life's Little Tests

Not my usual type of shot but this is one that I shot when Lisa and I went on Safari and got lost last week LOL. I thought it was a bit of irony considering the auto industry situation at the moment.

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I have just had a dreadful week as some of you know. I didnt post on here when it all started but did on Facebook so this will be old news to some of you, sorry.

I woke up last Saturday morning to my husband in a non responsive condition. He was breathing and that was about it!!! I called 911 and they were there in minutes. When we got to the local town hospital the EMTs had got a breathing tube into him and had determined that he had a temperature of 105 and was in critical condition. Other than that they couldnt tell me much more and arranged immediately to have him taken by helicopter to a hospital in Fort Wayne who are better equipped to deal with these extreme cases. It was a different hospital to the one he normally goes to in Fort Wayne, about 10 miles further on. Our neighbor Richard brought me home and I arranged lists of telephone numbers and things that I thought I would need as he was critical and they really didn't think he would survive as they didnt know how long his temp had been that high.

I have to say this hospital was like night and day compared to the one we normally go to, these people actually show that they care, are extremely efficient and obviously enjoy their jobs. I am convinced now that L wouldnt have survived if he had gone to his usual hospital which is where I told them his records were and where he normally went, but they decided to take him to the other for whatever reason, I dont know why but I am so glad. I dont know what the man above has in store for Larry but he has defied the odds over the past 26 years so many times that there has got to be a special purpose for him.

When I arrived at the hospital his sister and daughter joined me and we just had to wait. His temp peaked at 105.9 and they had to put him onto a thermal blanket which pumps cold water through it. He was diagnosed with sepsis brought on by a bladder infection which is common with quadraplegic patients as they have a catheter and any foreign object in one's body will react so we had had these infections before but never this bad. They thought he may have had a small heart attack as a result and he was on a ventilator which was doing the breathing for him. His blood sugar was 315 (normal is around 100) also brought about by the fever, kidney stones which were also infected because of the bladder infection, the one being about 1.5 inches across. He had a small one in his other kidney and a large one about the same size in his Gall bladder. He also had pneumonia.

The doctor had no good news for us, he was comatose and they had him sedated because of the tube down his throat for the ventilator so he wouldnt try to pull it out. We all slept in the waiting room that night after speaking to the doctor who said "he is a VERY sick man" and literally told us that he didnt expect him to survive and if he did then the chance would be that he would have to stay on a ventilator or have some type of permanent mental damage. Because he was in the Critical Care unit they don't allow family to stay in the rooms out of visiting hours so we were directed to the lounge. I didn't sleep a wink all night, you couldnt turn the lights out and could only dim them slightly so it was a bit hard to sleep on two chairs pushed together with bright spotlights above you.

To be continued ........

((((Hugs)))) everyone, dont forget to visit my Etsy shop the link is on the top right side of my blog. I did a lot of crocheting over the past week so I will be posting a lot more LOL.



Rising Rainbow said...

Lori, this doesn't sound good but I know from your comment that L must have survived this awful mess. Can't wait to here what's coming next.

I sure do miss our chats. Hang in there!


Donna said...

Oh no Lori I am so sad to read this. I can only assume since you have posted this that there is a happy ending here but I cannot imagine what you and your family are going through. You're all in my thoughts.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Lori.
We didn't get lost, we just took the scenic route! LOL
Let me know if there's anything you need me to do.

CG said...

Thinking of you both {{{HUGS}}

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Oh Lori. I am so glad that things have turned out okay and he seems to be getting better. My heart and thoughts are with you as I know how awful it is to have a loved one so ill.

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