Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday 10 May 2009 - Mother's Day

Hi it is Mothers' Day here in the USA today and I think in the UK too. Hope all you Mom's had a happy Day.

I have been whittling away at all that needs to be done and am feeling better each day. Today's picture is of a little Robin who's nest fell out of one of our trees last night with the wind and it was hiding away in the grass. Momma was keeping it fed and I was just hoping that it would stay safe. So far so good, I daren't disturb it but at least she is feeding it, that is her with a beak full of worms in the picture.

My friend Pepper came over to visit today and I enjoyed her company, we let some of the horses graze on the lush green grass in my garden which needs mowing desperately. I hate it that the fields are just about bare and there is all this grass just on the other side of the fence. So we took a few out and also picked lots more and gave it to the ones that didn't get a chance to be out.
I am hoping to take 3 of the horses over to that pasture I use in the summer this week. That will relieve the load a bit more. Then it is just wait and see when babies arrive. Cat, the black and white mare is huge as usual! Her milk hasn't started coming in and I am expecting new additions any time from the beginning of June. She always goes overdue and has huge foals. The other mare is 19 now and has had many babies and she tends to be early. She is not as big but you can see she is carrying. I feel so badly for her, she is old and tired and I can't wait until I can just let her be a pasture ornament and live out her twilight years in comfort. I have no plans on breeding anything in the future or until the horse market has improved at least. I live foals but I can't bear to think that they are just unwanted and where they will probably end up.
I can then start working with Goldie (I promise I will post pics of her soon, she is gorgeous!! just need someone to hold her that isnt't intimidated by her spirit LOL), Blue and Wiggle and hopefully have two riding the trails this summer.

Well that is about it for now. It gets real lonely sometimes but I am pushing myself through it and trying to be constructive, I need to earn an income and jobs are just not available right now, so I am promoting my photos everywhere I can think of and sending to the agencies and magazines.

(((((Hugs)))))) everyone. Oh and Michael I could never have eaten that fish!!!! I am afraid I would never make a farmer's wife, I love all the animals too much, no I am not vegetarian but at least I am not on face to face terms with what I do eat although it is not much right now LOL.



André Sousa said...

Hi there, nice blog, congratulations!

smellshorsey said...

Your photos are so beautiful I'm sure this is just a lull and good things are coming your way. I believe things are loosening up a little bit. Hang in there!

My cat would have already run off with that bird. So glad you and the bird mama are keeping an eye on it.

Gecko said...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the blogging mothers!

CG said...

Always good to catch up on your news, Lori!

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