Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday 11 May 2009 - Goldie's Debut

Well the light was a bit flat today so not the best for shooting the palomino who needs a nice golden light, but here is the brat, she is a year old at the end of this month, and apart from the umbilical hernia which I am not sure how I am going to deal with, I think she is gorgeous!!! Then I am barn blind. What do you think?

(Click on pictures to see larger version)

She still has a little bit of fuzz on her so I will have to wait another week or so until I have it all brushed out, but she is a livewire and a Handful with a capital "H". I don't know how I always end up with these naughty horses!!!!! The only sane one is Blue (who is in the background of the side shot of her). He has healed up really well and I had no problems with his gelding. Hopefully I can get him riding soon and in with the other horses so he can end his solitary life.

It has been a strange day today, I have been trying to visit my friends in Indianapolis for months now and every time we try to arrange it, something comes up and messes it all up!! I wanted to go visit today but I will see them this weekend at the horse show I am shooting I hope!! The problem with going to visit is that it would turn into an all day journey because they are about 60 odd miles away on the outskirts of the city (I think, I am a terrible navigator so it will be a miracle if I even find them LOL).

Praying for one or two more dry days so the farmers can get their crops in, but expecting storms Wednesday again so they better hurry and get those seeds planted who knows when they will get their next opportunity.

Well that is it, I am working furiously at my stock images, work is not an option around here so I have to find an income somehow.

Hope everyone is well, I seem to be coping for now thanks to a couple of very special friends. ((((Hugs)))))



Liz said...

She's lovely!

Mike Young said...

Wow she is beautiful! But Lori, this is two brats in a row. Have you considered parenting classes?

Hope you are doing well. It is good seeing you back at blogging again. It is great to see your pictures. I am real curious on the stock photo thing, I heard a lady talk once on it and she has done fairly well with it. I read about Joe McNally in his Hot Shoe Diaries, how he took this so so picture of coins and he has made over 30,000 on that one simple photo. So keep plugging away trying new things! You never know which one will be the winner.

Okay I know I am rambling now. Talk to you later.


CG said...

She is totally stunning!!!

Gecko said...

Wow, look at her!! And you did a great job at capturing all that cheekiness too Lori!!! ;D

Mike Young said...

Hi Lori,

Just stopping by to check on you.


Kym said...

Beautiful horse! (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))
I have been thinking about you and here are some hugs!

Donna said...

She's a super model! Really lovely. I think a naughty youngster is just one that is full of life, you are definitely doing something right.

Rising Rainbow said...

Goldie does look like she has plenty of attitude. Just what you need, a girl version of Taxes. LOL

Still trying to catch up with you. Hope we get to chat soon.

photogchic said...

She is a that big blaze.

smellshorsey said...

Very cute!

Kim said...

I have dealt with hernia's before, on goats, and made it so that they had no hernia... but there must be an opening to it, to get the pus out, and squirt it with the RACV to cured it. I only wish I had photo proof of before and after, showing my method of how to cure the hernia truly works.. it works wonders. All the hernias were caused by their dams who bit the umbilical cord too short. Maybe the next time a dam doe does that, I will capture it with my camera by taking photo's.

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