Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday 29 June 2009 - The Herd is Complete

I have finally managed to integrate everyone here into one field, for Blue it was the first time he had been with other horses since he was gelded earlier this year and for Goldie it was a first for her since coming home from Iowa.

Left to right BB (Big Butt!!!!), Wiggle, April (Front) Blue (Back) Cat and Goldie.

I used to have a series of names for BB while she was growing up, BB came about because she was a Blueroan Baby, then she became Bully Baby, Brat Baby, Bad baby, B***h Baby, Biting Baby or whatever fit the moment LOL.

We are having the most amazing weather, why couldnt it have been like this last week for the 4H Fair, it was lovely the week before the Fair and now the week after it is lovely again with pressure cooker temps in the 90s and humidity in between while we had to spend all that time at the Fair with the poor animals trying to keep them cool. Oh well that's how the cookie crumbles I guess.

Sonny and the baby (Herbie) are in the field next to these guys and hopefully I will eventually be able to have them all together so the baby learns to mingle with other horses. Sonny is an excellent mother and will guard him like a tiger but I dont want a repeat of the problems I had with Taxes when I had to try to get him integrated. I will post a pic of them tomorrow, not enough hours in the day.

Stan cut three fields yesterday and will turn them tomorrow with the rake and hopefully by the time he has turned the last one, the first one will be ready for baling. At least this time we wont be enduring those ludicrous temps while we are baling and loading the bales, I have to say that I did very litttle of it because I just dont have the stamina anymore, so I did the running, for water, spare parts etc. and a bit of the manual work but not much. Stan, Zack and Kami take all the credit for that.

Hope you all had a great weekend, I can't believe how fast the time is flying by, not enough hours in the day. (((Hugs)))) to all.



Strawberry Lane said...

Such a wonderful photo of all the horses! How lucky they are to have all the pasture.

Funny about BB and all her names. Sure get the idea as to what was happening in her life at that moment ..."Biting Baby".

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Thanks Marvel havent checked your blog today will do now but yes you are right about BBs names but I forgot the most important one of all "Beautiful Baby" LOL. A lot of people dont like the white faces and she has a black face on the other side with a blue eye, but I have grown used to them, I have had to because most of my horses have blue eyes either one or both LOL.

Hope all is well on your farm.

CG said...

What a great photo! Always good to get an update from you :)

Anonymous said...

The weather has been great here too Lori. Patty and I spent the last two days working outside on our shop trying to repair a water rotted out sill. Which we did successfully but it was almost more than we could do.

The horses are nice in this photograph. I love their names.

Hope you are still doing OK.

Wingnut said...

Hey girl, stopping in for a peek, thanks for stopping by my blog too, good to see things are going well....

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