Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday 1 October 2009

The trail riding went well this past weekend, we didnt get there in enough time to spend a long time on the trails, but Michelle and I did a short ride and Kendal got to compete in the games that had been arranged for the members and it was amazing to see her change from a nervous 12 year old when we first arrived into a confident rider who just didnt want to go home! She was trotting and cantering around the whole camp area and went for a short trail ride after the games with Danny and his wife (our new friends). The pictures are a few from our day and the one of the gal and puppy were a chance snap which I really liked. No cropping here this is as it came out of the camera with me laying on the floor shooting up (I was sitting on the fenceline of the arena shooting the games and they were standing a bit down the rail watching too).

Can you believe it is October already? Our temps here are already getting close to freezing for the lows, we always have a few bouts of "Indian summer" but with the strange weather we have been experiencing this past summer I done know what to expect. We only got two cuttings of hay and on the one field only one and it is ready to cut again now but the temps are too cold to cut and get it dry enough to bale. Oh well that is life I suppose and typical of Indiana, yet another variation of summer, I have been here going on 8 and a half years and every season has been different, keeps you guessing LOL.

I still have too many horses but I just can't take them to a sale, the implications make me feel ill. So it is going tobe another long winter.

I am starting my first job on Monday, my first official employment since arriving here in USA. It has been incredibly hard to find even that position because I have never officially worked here or contributed to Social Security because my time was taken up with the care of Larry and the horses. It is a menial job, and short term, but an income, and has the potential to become something more permanent. It is also close to home so I dont have to worry about travelling long distances in these coming winter months if it turns into a full time position. Wish me luck LOL.

Hope you are all well ((((Hugs)))).



Mike Young said...

Hello my friend,

I hope you have great luck with your new job. I know you have had a long search.

It is good to see you doing some blogging and taking pictures. I have had a slow summer also. I just got back from a scenic Kansas photo trip. I am probably one of the few photographers that adores Kansas!

I am working on the pictures and hope to have some up soon.

I never did get back to Indiana which I think I mentioned in an email a long time ago. Maybe next year.

My prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Take care,


Donna said...

Good luck with the new job! I hope you can turn it into something permanent, if that is what you want. As always, wonderful shots!

lcrleus said...

Hi, Hope all is well with your new job. As usual your pics are impressive :o)that black and white mare is beautiful. Take it easy!

CG said...

All the best with the new job. Let us know how it goes! xx

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