Monday, January 29, 2007

29 January 2007

Same lousy weather today, cold, snow and wind so nothing achieved in the photo department and on top of it I had to go and fetch a load of hay. YUK. So here is another old shot and the story that goes with it.

This photo was my first stock sale. It was bought by a Veterinarian Association for their one newsletter/information brochure. The picture is of the first baby that was actually born here after I married my husband. When I arrived there were already 4 babies but they were already a month to 3 months old. So this baby was born two years later and was my first newborn. I called him Sonnys Anticipation because his momma is Sonnys Copper Gal and we werent sure when he was conceived because the stallion ran with the mares in the pasture that year so we anticipated his arrival for weeks. He was bought along with another filly of ours born that year by a chap (Stan) who has now become a friend, for trail riding. He has been riding them now for 2 years on the trails and I have actually ridden him twice. He is a star. When it came time to break him to ride he never bucked or put a foot wrong. By the time Stan had ridden him 4 times he had given him to his 13 year old daughter to ride because he was so well behaved and they fell in love with each other and Stan has never been able to ride him again because she is always on him! I feel honored that she let me ride him twice.

So that is my story for the day. I hope you all had a good one.



Rising Rainbow said...

Thoughtful looking expression on this guy. You're lucking you found such a great home from him and you made a new friend. That's pretty cool. He must be a retty special horse to get turned over to a 13year old so soon.

For me that's the scariest part of being a breeder not knowing for sure that the homes are really good ones or not. You try your hardest to be sure they are but sometimes it doesn't work out.

talj said...

Such beautiful detail and light in this shot and as always the composition it excellent :o)

CG said...

That's a beautiful colt, Lori. And I enjoyed hearing all about him.

rennie said...

Beautiful portrait. This animals are wonderful.Great story that comes with it as well.

Donna said...

I just discovered your blog and I come by almost every day to get my horse picture fix for the day. Just gorgeous!

Kaycee said...

What an excellent photo filled with beautiful light and fine details! I really enjoyed reading about him, too.

super-dave said...

nice bokeh in your horse portrait today ... weather doesn't look too bad from the pic, but what do i know!!! lol

great shot!

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