Thursday, March 1, 2007

1 March 2007

In like a Lion out like a Lamb, that is what they say about March so let's hope that holds true because it has been really really dull, windy, rainy and Blaaahhhh and we have been under tornado watches all day until 7pm tonight at least, not the greatest weather. That would mean a good sign that by the end of March we will be seeing much better weather. I feel sorry for those west of us, Kansas has had a tornado or two already with loss of life, and those east of us have had incredible amounts of snow, hail, ice the works, so I am grateful we have missed the worst of it to a large degree, although the mud is starting to get to me as it makes it difficult to keep the barns clean because I cant get the manure out of the barns and dump it without sinking into it.

So guys and gals, I am afraid I am resorting to older shots again, thought I would find a flower shot to give us a bit of brightness and a hint of what we have to look forward to and of course the usual horse pic.

I shot this pic of Cosmos a few years
ago in our garden, the bee was an added
bonus. This is a nice wild flower to photograph.

You have heard me mention my bottle baby (hand raised)
a lot and this is her. I call her Wiggle because when she was little
she had very little tolerance for being messed
with and she used to show you by flattening her
ears, sticking her nose out, getting this gleam in her eyes
and zooming purposefully down the barn away from you!!!
LOL, but at the same time she used to Wiggle her tail from
side to side (with a horse when they swish their
tails violently you can be sure they arent enjoying
what they are doing). Hence she became Wiggle Monster
to me. I am going to be so sad to part with her but she is
with the trainer at the moment and I have asked him
to try to sell her before she is due to come back
because if I get her back here I wont be able to part
with her and I just have too many horses. I have to sell
at least 10 before the end of spring. She is really so sweet but
because I hand reared her she is difficult to be around as
she thinks I am a horse and tries to treat me the same
as any other horse not because she is mean but because
I am her momma in her eyes and it is no fun having a
1000 lb animal trying to treat you the same as another
1000lb animal when she is wanting to play LOL.
Her registered name is DBD INDIAN DREAMAKER.

Well that is it for the day. Praying that the weather will improve country wide for everyone and wherever else you are having this dreadful weather, and that you are all staying safe and warm.

"See" you all tomorrow.



talj said...

Love the touch of spring in your PAD today Lori! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that the tornados stay well clear of you {{{HUGS}}} xx

Anna said...

Love the flower vibrant! Spring....come quick! :)

John Roberts said...

You do a really good job of photographing the horses in motion. You seem to time it just right.

Julie Blair said...

Great pics Lori. The flower is very nice. I really love your horses-they are so photogenic and such characters!

Sorry you are having such bad weather. Stay warm and lets all think of spring!!(Hey, by the way, I finally posted on my blog tonight!)


Mike said...

Greetings from Southwest Missouri where the tornado sirens go off at 4 in the morning! Wild weather here too.

Great photos Lori, I really like the flower picture.

AB said...

Beautiful reminder that spring isn't far away, Lori! I love cosmos.

Love the photo of Wiggle, and the story about her :)


talj said...

Thinking of you Lori, let me know you are safe when you can {{{HUGS}}}xx

CG said...

Wiggle is a beauty but I can see that having her think you are another horse when it comes to playtime is not fun. I hope a great home can be found for her.

The idea of tornados terrifies me and I'm praying you are all safe. Will be checking back all day hoping to get news of you.


Rising Rainbow said...

I can just see your Wiggle Monster with her little mare attitude zooming down the barn. I know that look all to well. The flicking tail is the icing on the temper tantrum, don't you think?

I love the bee on the cosmos. I could sure do with some spring flowers arund here. I'm sick of winter.

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