Wednesday, February 28, 2007

28 February 2007

Well that's February down, ten months to go.
We are still overcast, cold, windy, muddy, icy, snowy, sleety and all of the aforementioned at least once at some time during the day.

I put the mares out and hoped they might let off some steam as they have been cooped up for four or five days now, but they did not oblige. So I took a few portraits which have worked quite well in B&W and one unusual angle in color. At least I think so LOL.

This is one of the babies (I shouldnt be calling them
babies because as of January first they are
considered yearlings). Her barn name
is Dawn and registered name HOW D SPECIAL DAWN

Yes another one of Cat. She is such a big mare but shows
such interest in everything around her and I love her
look when she is all alert, don't know what caught her
attention here.

And of course another shot of Lori shot from an unusual angle which
sometimes works well.

Well at least I got to shoot something today. I am happy when I have my camera handy I must say.

Hope all is well with everyone and you are all surviving your dreary winters in the northern hemisphere and hot summers in the southern hemisphere.

Se Y'all tomorrow.



talj said...

Aww I love the eye contact in the first one! Great set of shots! :o) Glad you got out and about to take some shots today hope tomorrow is just as good :o)

Anna said...

These are sweet! That first one is wonderful. Sometimes I feel like I am looking at a painting Lori.

Kathy C said...

I particularily like the unusual angle shot. It's a wonderful!

We're getting socked again - just south of us it's ice, so I guess I should be glad and count my blessings. I'm just not sure how I will ever find the hoses to fill the water tanks again!

L said...

Where did you learn photography? (I'm a newcomer, so forgive me if you've posted about that before)

I like the first shot best too! There all good, though.

Mike said...

I like the eye contact in the first shot really well. I also like the way you did the bottom shot. I like the way the colors play off of each other.

Kaycee said...

Beautiful photos of your yearling. I especially like the black and white photos.

March is here at last. I hope that we get some good spring weather soon!

CG said...

I love the photo of Dawn - she does look special. I love her soft whiskers!!

Rising Rainbow said...

Well, I like the last shot the best, the curve of the neck, the pitch of the ears. To me, it's an artsy angle, I guess.

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