Monday, March 19, 2007

19 March 2007

Hi all

It has been a hectic day, rained until just after lunch and we had a doctors appointment for my husband which is a trial in itself because he has to go in an ambulance on a cart, which is time consuming. Our home health aide called off this morning so by the time we got a replacement in we were already running an hour behind.

We got the doctors appointment over which was running half an hour late and eventually got home at 3.15. I then had to go to the pharmacy and get all his medications and do a bit of grocery shopping and of course it was 5.15 by the time I got home and time to start feeding horses!!! Wheew wat a day.

I had 55 images shortlisted for the project I was working on, it is quite exciting. It will be a long term project which will start off slowly but if it pans out will be a long time income earner hopefully.

I didnt get time to shoot anything so this is a picture of my bottle baby Wiggle and another filly born the same year, Cayenne, playing.

Have a great day tomorrow everyone, after a few days of really cold weather we are looking forward to a warm up tomorrow but more rain. Rain and lightening are good for getting the grass in the field growing though so we wont complain LOL

"See" y'all tomorrow.



MPRPRO said...

Love it their like giant puppies. Thanks again for a great shot.

Mike said...

Neat shot Lori. I am always amazed at the detail and colors you get on your horse shots. It really shows your passion for them.

Rising Rainbow said...

That's a pretty interesting pose laying on her bubby's whither like that with her teeth showing. Can't say I've witnessed that one. It's amazing the things they come up with.

Hope your project works out for you.

I'm so sore after riding yesterday, I could hardly get my bones out of bed let alone get much done. Played at the computer but didn't really get much done. Will have to make up for it tomorrow.

Hope you have a good day.

Anna said...

What a playful image Lori. Good luck with your project...

Take care today.

Memories Catcher said...

Funny shot.Great colors and details.Well done!

CG said...

Well, you really had a busy day for sure!! Love the pic of Wiggle and Cayenne - look at those teeth!! I just noticed the nice pic of you and the foal too!!
Take care xxx

talj said...

Excellent shot Lori! Glad you got to the doctors and managed to get all the shopping done!! Hope the weathers doing better where you are!! {{{HUGS}}} xx

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