Sunday, March 18, 2007

18 March 2007

This is our young stallion Blue. He was out in his turnout and saw his mares in the field opposite, he put his head up and whinneyed like crazy at them which is what he is doing in this picture. I love it but my husband says he looks like a Llama!!!

(Click on picture to see larger version)
One of my visitors asked to see the color version of the shot I posted yesterday. The horses are so dirty and the mud is so unattractive, so I thought it made a better B&W.

(Click on picture to see larger version)

Still a bit cold 24 F this morning but in the 40s now. Horses are loving the sunshine. Expecting rain tomorrow. Not much happening today, I have taken it a bit easy, cleaned a few stalls and got some e-mails out for my husband who is putting a magazine together.

Not much to report. Hope you all had a great weekend.



AB said...

Blue is gorgeous - and I really like the timing of that capture!

I'm so glad it's in the 40s at least today - not much longer and the days will be MUCH warmer!


Mike said...

Blue is definately excited! I have to agree with your husband he does look kind of like a llama here with his upstretched neck and very perky ears.

Great and unusual shot though.

CG said...

LOL< I laughed at Blue's pic...his expression is hilarious! I can see why your hubby thought "llama" :)

Hope the warmer weather continues!!! xxxx

Anna said...

Blue is so pretty Lori! And I love how you caught him. I like that you shared the color version of the other image but I definitely prefer the B&W....

Have a great week ahead! :)

Rising Rainbow said...

There is something llama-ish about the first picture. But I like it. The expression is priceless.

Glad it's been a little warmer for you there. I can't wait for spring.

I rode yesterday for the first time in three poor body is really complaining today.

My camera is a Canon powershot SD500 digital elph. I hope to upgrade when I get a horse sold. Maybe I should say 'if" I get a horse sold. It's easier for me to get inspired with the new foals. I just love them and they are so amusing.

Hope you have another slow day, you're due some R&R!

Pony Tail Club said...

Ok, he is a little lama like, but cute! Some of the best pictures come from our horses in funny moments.

puzzled said...

Haha that top one is great!!! I also just looked at the post after this (I'm commenting "behind"). As soon as I opened your page, I thought how much I love your blog because these horse expressions and play always give me a smile. Thanks!

John Roberts said...

The top photo is a lustful leer for sure! LOL!

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