Saturday, March 17, 2007

17 March 2007

Hi everyone,

I am earlier today, nearly didnt make it yesterday for catblogging day, I think I had half an hour to spare!!!

Thanks so much for the comments yesterday, I will try to catch up again.

Nothing too exciting happening today, it was very cold again, low 20F high 40F but no rain so I put the horses out and they were very happy nipping all the tender tips off the new grass that has started to grow. They drove me crazy trying to get shots of them, every time I looked out the kitchen window they were bucking and playing and running and having a ball, by the time I got out there they stopped, then half an hour they would be at it again and after the third attempt to catch their antics I gave up!! They are usually quite far away so it may take me a minute or two to get into a place where i can get a clear shot of them. Cat did one of her cow hops today which she did as I came out of the door, but she was behind a tree. She must have been three feet off of the ground with all four feet!!! I will get it one day.

I have posted the other two shots of those little buds that looked like christmas ornaments. Each tree must be a different variety because the buds looked the same and there were three different varieties when they started opening. I posted the one a few days ago so here are the other two. I also posted a shot from today of the four mares AGAIN!

Thanks everyone for visiting, I promise I will catch up, I do scan everyone's blogs every day but dont always have the time to post.



Karen said...

Looks like it's warming up enough for the animals to get all muddy! Happy Spring!

Anna said...

That first one is spectacular! I love the black and white tone....perfect. Have a good Sunday tomorrow! :)

Carmi said...

You've got plenty on your plate, Lori, so no worries if you don't make it by as often as you'd like.

Anna's right: the first image just sparkles. The composition and lighting give it a stunningly mournful tone. It would look at home framed in any stable.

Kaycee said...

The reflections, symmetry, and composition of your horse photo are fantastic! Thanks for posting the photo of the buds as they certainly are a sign of spring!

Rising Rainbow said...

As usual, I love the pics. Don't you hate it when the horses do something you really want to capture and you just can't get there. Makes me crazy,

Thanks for the comment on my pic. I love that picture. I told you I had a good eye, just don't know enough about the camera. Will get it some day.

I'm off during the day at a schooling show with my granddaughter. It's fun to see my horse friends again. It's been a long winter. Glad to hear it's warming up there, we had one good day and then it plummetted. YUK!

AB said...

So good to hear of the tender shoots of grass there to tempt the horses. What enjoyment they must have had out there!

I love the B&W - wonderful tones.


John Roberts said...

Both are nice; I like the one with the blue background best.

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