Friday, March 16, 2007

16 March 2007

I am very late tonight, got involved with my husband's niece who I am mentoring on photography at the moment.

Catblogging day!!!!

Here are two shots of yellow cat or ginger cat whatever I call him on any given day LOL. I caught him yawning here, it looks hilarious.

Had a very cold day again today but there is a warm up on the way again hopefully.

Talk to you all tomorrow, i am getting behind on my commenting again!!!!




Pat said...

Hi Lori...

I had a difficult time posting in my blog tonight. Seems it was down or something.

Hope you're doing ok. Nice that most of the snowy season is well behind us? It's snowing out there now but not very heavy.

Pat's Photos and
Guelph Daily Photo

CG said...

Am sure you are a wonderful mentor! Pat's cat was yawning too :) Happy catblogging Friday xx

AB said...

Hi Lori!

Great timing - love the yawn! He looks soooooo bored with this whole catblogging idea :D

I am getting so behind on my commenting, but you're in my thoughts daily.


Julie Blair said...

Lori: great cat pics. Love the big yawn! So cute. he is probably like -not that camera again! haha. Your weather sure is wierd. Snow one day and 80's then cold again...
I finally got to go to the Ranch and shoot pics of the foals! I posted some so take a peek when you can. I have alot more to process.
I bet you are a great mentor! And I think you are doing great at posting everyday!! I look forward to your daily entry.

puzzled said...

Man, I always forget about how beautiful your cats are and am so happy to see one of them. I also always forget cat blogging day, and even though I have two cats, don't think I've made a cat-blog Friday yet. Thanks for the reminder and for the great smile with these photos!

Karen said...

Great catch on the yawn! Too funny!

Rising Rainbow said...

I love the yawn.....that and the cats in the box are my favorite cat pics of yours.

I'm still working on the cat pic I want,,,,we'll see if it ever happens when I have a camera. Isn't that always the way.

Hope you have a good weekend.

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