Thursday, March 15, 2007

15 March 2007

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well. We had a reversal in the weather, yesterday record highs, today raining and in the 40s. One good thing about it though, I can literally see the grass starting to grow. I am keeping the horses in, hoping it wont be for too long before the hot weather returns and dries the mud up again so I can put them out, by then there should be a little bit of grazing for them. There is nothing like rain and a bit of warmth to get grass growing.

It is amazing when I think of the little things that make me happy now, my priorities sure have changed over the years. Now I get excited when I get a new pitch fork LOL. I find I am just so much more aware of the things that happen around me that I normally wouldnt have given a second thought. My sense of appreciation has changed dramatically. The same with my photography. I can't look at a book or magazine or book without scanning the photos first and wondering what they did to get the shot or admiring a particularly good one. I may get to reading the print eventually!

Todays shots are of a few Robins on the muck heap (manure pile LOL). I had to crop the picture quite a bit because they were quite far away. The second one is an update on those buds I posted a picture of on 10 March that John said looked like christmas ornaments. This is just one of the varieties that have started to open. I will post the others when I have edited them. The original buds all looked the same but now that they are opening they all look different, colors and form. Froze my hands off getting these today!

Well that's it for now. I eventually got my stock submission finished and mailed off. Keeping everything crossed that it will amount to something.

Have a good evening all and for those of you waking up good morning and have a great Friday. Oh yes I mustn't forget Catblogging day!!




Anna said...

These are so wonderful. Everytime I come here I feel refreshed. Thanks. :)

Rising Rainbow said...

You didn't have to tell where the robins are, no one would have known. ;-) I've been keeping the horses in here too because it's just too muddy and slick out there.

That position on the foal was not the first choice, it was the one that worked. If you ever get a foal out of position, the path of least resistance is what you look for. This one happened to start at a 90 degree turn from normal and rolled into normal as the foal came out. I wasn't sure if I should say this hear or if you went back and checked for answers in the comments. Not that I remember to answer them all of the time. Looking forward to catblogging day. I was hoping to do something for it but I'm afraid if I don't finish my story on the foaling some folks might come gunning for me. ....

talj said...

Beautiful shots Lori! I have to say I totally understand when you talk about the simpliest things making you happy! I recently had to fill in a questionnaire for a hospital appointment I had and one of the questions asked if I still enjoyed the things I used to, it was multiple choice and the 'top' answer was 'As much as I ever did'. I'd have to go one better than that. I enjoy the things I used to do so much more now than I ever did. Because these things, like visits with Andi, are so few and fair between and because I spend so much time alone here in the flat they mean so much more to me now. Silly really.

Have a lovely weekend Lori {{{BIG HUGS}}} xxx

Mike said...

I enjoyed the shots Lori. Signs of spring and warmth. In my neck of the woods the only problem with the grass growing is the lawn mower has to come out. Ahhh the sounds of spring...tree frogs and lawm mowers....

Great pictures and the simple things in life are great aren't they.

Have a great Friday.

CG said...

I loved the photos of the robins. They are so different to English robins. When we were in CA we saw this bird and couldn't believe it was actually a robin!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Kathy C said...

I too now enjoy the simple things SO much more than before.

I love he budding tree.

Pat said...

Haven't seen any robins here yet. I think I heard one but haven't set my eyes on them yet.

Your photos today are superb!

Pat's Photos and
Guelph Daily Photo

Karen said...

How beautiful! Spring is on the way to you, our snow is starting to melt thank goodness.

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