Wednesday, March 21, 2007

21 March 2007

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Hi All

We have just had a sweltering day!!!! We started the day at freezing 32F and ended up with a high of 73 F !!! We had a little bit of rain but are expecting the next five days to be round the 70s and raining. It changes so fast here, we just dont seem to see the in between seasons of autumn and spring for very long. The rain is good although I hate the mud.

I actually took this picture yesterday of my filly Lori, I forgot about them until I checked my browser today to look at my recent shots. She was standing on top of the hill in our field. I thought she looked like a lookout (sentinel). I wasn't sure if I preferred the color or B&W. What do you think?

I hope you have all had a wonderful day, that spring is arriving for everyone who has been longing for it.

Oh yes I had 55 of my pictures accepted for the project I was working on, they just have to check out the full size files now to make sure they meet the standards they require as these are going to be used for very large prints, and also four of my swan shots were accepted. I am now working on general horse pictures, dogs and believe it or not bugs (I have also attached a picture I took of a Tomato Worm a few years back). This will be a long term project as the product is only going to start being marketed February next year but if it is a success will be a good money earner over the longterm, perhaps my pension which I never took out LOL.

See y'all tomorrow (((HUGS))).



Anna said...

I love that third shot! Beautiful! Congrats on your work that was accepted!

Rising Rainbow said...

Me, I'm a color person. Very rarely do I prefer a bw over color. It's just me. I do think she's looks like she's watching over everyone.

The fact they picked some bug pics doesn't surprise me. Every time you post them I find them to be intriguing. What is intriguing is what sells has always been my experience. Good luck on this.

Thanks for reminding me about the fighting stallions. I had forgotten. I did post the info today will get to the mare with 4 sets of twins tomorrow.

I rode my gelding today and yesterday, trying to get him fixed for Rachel. My poor old body is not happy that I took time off from riding. I ache places I thought had quit funcitoning long ago.

I thought spring and fall meant the weather could be all over the place like what you're experiencing now. It sure does here.

Glad you like my colt. I think he's pretty nice. Still looking for a name that Dave and I can both agree on. Maybe that's my problem, trying to agree with Dave.

Also have been frequenting the chatroom on marestare. If you need a laugh, that's the place to go, they've had me in stitches 3 nites in a row now.

Julie Blair said...


Love the bug shot!!
I like your horses in color since they have so much great color on them! But I also appreciate a good b&w too.

So excited that so many of your images were excepted. I should have submitted but I thought they wanted mares and foals...which I have now!! :-) I wish you the best of luck with that project.

My client was thrilled with my foal shots and wants to buy some and use some on her glad she likes them.

Happy first day of spring!


Julie Blair said...
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Mike said...

Lori, I vote for the color picture. Although I normally have a "thing" for black and white, your horses are so colorful I prefer them in color.

The tomato worm picture is great also, I love the color.


John Roberts said...

Congratulations on having your photos accepted!

Of these two, I like the color version better because the horse has better separation from the background. Not quite enough contrast between horse and background in the B&W. "The Sentinel" is a great title.

CG said...

Hurray for you, getting your pictures accepted!!!

I like the colour version of The Sentinel. That tomato bug is rather stunning. Very dramatic looking beastie.

Hope the weather continues being kinder to you. xxx

talj said...

WOOHOO!! Well done on getting the pictures excepted! Thats great Lori! Love the shots today! :o)

Glad to hear the weather has picked up a bit for you {{{HUGS}}}

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