Thursday, March 29, 2007

29 March 2007

Another reasonably quiet day. It started out quite cold and cloudy and warmed up this afternoon with a bit of sunshine. Expecting another bout of rain from tomorrow night through to Monday.
I put a tarpaulin on the old barn's roof where it has been leaking into two of the stables so hopefully we wont have any storms to rip it off and it will keep the water out until I can redo the shingles on it. Another thing to add to the list.
The water heating/cooling system guy came today and found the problem promptly telling us that it was an expensive part and a pain to get the job done, in other words it is going to cost a bomb AGAIN!!!! Sheesh I hope this project I am working on comes off because I am going to need the money, although that will only start paying in about March 2008 if it goes well.
So I thought we all needed a bit more cheering up and I am posting a few flower photos taken a few years ago. The pink ones are the lillies that have just started shooting up out of the grass and the other is what they call a ditch lilly (because they grow in all the ditches along the roads), I can't remember the other name, it is late LOL. So here is my attempt at a bit of creativity.
Have a great Frida and dont forget catblogging day!!!!


Rising Rainbow said...

The lillies are beautiful. I can't believe they're just growing up through the grass. Here I'd have to plant something like that and it probably wouldn't bloom this early.

It was dry here today and my horses actually got outside for a change. I have 2 pages of names and haven't done well building a short list will let you know when I get there.

Hope you have a good Friday!

Mike said...

Beautiful shots Lori.

I hope your repairs come off ok and that it doesn't cost you too much. You are sure having your run of bad weather. We have had some rain but nothing like you have.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments on my blog. I always appreciate your comments and insight.

Julie Blair said...

Lori:Hi! The Lilies are beautiful! They are very bright and cheerful. Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about all the needed repairs....I want to buy a house so badly but sometimes I guess renting is OK!
Have a great Friday-can't believe this week just flew by.

Anna said...

Just beautiful Lori.....again. I need a macro lens! :)

talj said...

Beautiful flower shots Lori! Great compositions! Macro lenses sure are fun! :o)

Hope you have a nice friday {{{HUGS}}}

CG said...

What beautiful flowers. Am sorry to hear about the likely expense for the heating/cooling system.

Kathy C said...

Beautiful flowers. Perfect for a cloudy spring day.

Sorry about your roof problems and h/c problems. It seems to never end sometimes. ((hugs))

Kaycee said...

Oh, your floral photos are just gorgeous! I am so jealous, Lori!

Karp said...

These are gorgious. I love the colors.

On your comment, it was a processing "trick". When people used to shoot in film, ages ago, they had something called cross-processing. I used Curves in photoshop to simulate this effect. Together with the vignetting, it creates this old picture feeling.

And thanks for your continuous stream of comments, I really appreciate it.

Karen said...

Wow they are gorgeous and I love your borders too!

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