Friday, March 30, 2007

30 March 2007

Yellow Cat

Huggy Cat

Sylvester chewing on a blade of grass

We had a beautiful warm sunny day today, horses got out, mud is drying up and spring has sprung ... at least for the next few days ... expecting a temp drop next week again, but then they also told us we would be experiencing sever thunderstorms this afternoon and evening and not a cloud is in sight so who knows LOL.

Gee, the thoroughbred mare that boards with us in the off season for the track is going back to the racetrack tomorrow. I am going to miss her because she is one of the nicest thoroughbreds I have ever known. She will be back for winter though so lets hope she makes lots of money for her owner this summer.

I took pictures of the cats today, the only one I didnt get a nice one of was Wild Cat, the brown/black fluffy one. So I have posted Sylvester, Yellow Cat, and Huggy Cat.

Thanks to you all for your comments and messages. I hope I can get all caught up with my visits and comments this weekend. The cooling system is going to cost in the region of $1000 again so we are reeling again!!! What can you do.

The project I was working on has other catagories that I am getting pictures together for so have been working furiously on that.

Other than that nothing else exciting has happened. Hope you are all well and ((((HUGS)))) for those who need them.



Anna said...

Wow, these are great. [SNEEZE] I am SEVERELY allergic to cats...these are beautiful. [SNEEZE] :)

Have a good weekend!

Mike said...

That is a great shot of Yellow Cat. I think that one is my favorite. So what are the orgins of cat blogging day? I am new enough around here to not know the story if there is one.

That is something about the cooling system. Hope it all goes really well and only ends up about half. I know that never happens but it doesn't hurt to dream!

Take care and stay dry.

CG said...

Oh no, that's a lot of expense for you - ouch :(

Lovely cat shots...I like Huggy Cat a lot; how did catblogging day start???

Have a lovely weekend,

talj said...

Oh dear Lori, so sorry to hear about the big cost of the cooling system :o( {{{HUGS}}}

Lovely shots as always, beautiful lighting on each of them. Hope the weekend brings lots of nice things for you xx

Forked (Ingrid) said...

Great kitty photos! You always have such wonderful images that make me miss the horses I used to have.

AB said...

{{{HUGS}}} right back at you! :) I know I sure needed that one from you; thanks!

I love those kittycats, although (achoo!) they make me (achoo!) SNEEZE! :D

Sorry to read about the expense of the cooling system :( Sending you love and {{HUGS}}


Rising Rainbow said...

geez. I missed the cats and had to come back. Could't miss catblogging Friday, I look forward to the kitty pics. Still working on getting one of my own but it's a little tricky. You'll see why if I ever pull it off.

Going to school Rachel's horse this afternoon before her lesson. Trying to be a good grandma (still can't really believe I am a grandma)

Hope things are good there. It's freezing here, I'm thinking maybe my heat pump is going out. ya think yours could've talked to mine.....?

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