Saturday, March 31, 2007

31 March 2007

(Click on picture to enlarge)
(Click on picture to enlarge)

Well can you believe that March is nearly over. How the time flies. We had a nice day today, started off raining but had sunshine by lunch time.

Still no foal, Sonny is holding out on us Sigh!

I took these shots today, the first flowers I have seen this year, they are growing on a bush that the neighbors have amongst their hedge bushes. Thought they were really pretty so took a few snaps.

Well other than that nothing exciting to report, been a quiet day. Hope you all had a good one and have a wonderful Sunday.




Kaycee said...

The floral photos are such a wonderful sign of spring! The yellow color is just gorgeous. I hope that you are having a very good weekend. Hope the foal arrives soon!

Anna said...

I'm not asleep yet (1:38 AM)...I know what you are thinking...GO TO BED! :)

I love these beautiful pictures. Thanks for your thoughts Lori...I am hoping for a quick recovery for John.

Take care.

Julie Blair said...

Hi Lori!

Beautiful flowers! I bought some daffadils the other day and put them on my desk. They are so cheerful!

Gorgeous here today. I posted some from the beach on my blog.

Hugs to you too!


talj said...

So glad you had a nice day and these flowers are beautiful. Great use of DOF and nice background! :o)


Rising Rainbow said...

the flowers are pretty. I was wondering what they were.

Sorry you have no foal yet, I hate this part of foaling season. Not good at waiting.

I took Rachel to the clinic with me. It was halter and I took a 5 yo stud. He was a big hit.

CG said...

The flowers look like forsythia to me...we used to have one and it was always such a cheerful sight! Tell Sonny to get a move on!! Maybe she is waiting for spring to really arrive!!

Karen said...

Oh they're beautiful! I hope they are forsythia because I planted a forsythia bush last year and I can't wait for it to blossom this spring. We're still covered in snow here and it's freezing.

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