Friday, April 20, 2007

20 April 2007

I didnt forget Catblogging day, I just didnt get a chance to take a shot and am really pooped so forgive me for not posting one today.

Another busy day. I did the chores this morning and then went on up to the hospital to visit Larry. I stayed until 3.30 and arrived home at quarter to 5. I don't like putting the horses out when I am not there so they had to stay in and it was a beautiful day today, so when I got back I put them all out because it is only getting dark at about 8.30 now. They really enjoyed it. Taxes has to be the naughtiest baby that we have bred!!!! MiKael would call him a little snot LOL!!!! His antics are wonderful. I think he is going to make a cow horse (cutting and roping) because he is so agile, changes direction in a blink and flying changes as he canters along. He has discovered that he has back legs and if he double barrels them he can kick quite hard with them, so we are having a no kicking lesson at the moment. He is naughty!!!!!

The picture shows Wiggle (my bottle baby) checking out the new addition (instigated by Taxes I must say) and Sonny supervising the proceedure LOL.

Wiggle is doing really well, I will take update shots of her tomorrow, I didnt get the chance today.

Hopefully Larry will be home sometime next week, best scanario mid week, worst scenario, much later.

I hope everyone is well. Thanks all for your visits and messages. Have a great weekend.




Rising Rainbow said...

He sounds like a little hellion! They're so cute when they're little monsters. Good thing you're working on the kicking thing.

Speaking of cats, what do they think about the new addition.

Weather was nice here today too but didn't get my herd out, too many other things to do, get hay, wait for the vet, work the new geldings etc. Worked my halter horse.

Hope you have a good weekend

talj said...

What a lovely write up and picture! I hope you are doing well Lori and good to hear Larry could be home mid week! Keeping you all in my thoughts {{HUGS}} xx

Abraham Lincoln said...

Beautiful horses. Great story. Say Hi to Larry from me and Patty. We had a nice Nature walk yesterday.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

John Roberts said...

I haven't been to your site in a few days, and I see I've been missing all the baby pictures. He's all legs! I'm glad to see evryone is doing well, and I hope you'll be able to bring your husband back home soon.

L said...

Wow, you really can see it in his face - he is a little spitfire! Very cute!

Hope you husband gets back home soon.

CG said...

A great picture of the little snot, his mom and Wiggle! I really hope larry gets home sooner rather than later. Enjoy your weekend {{{HUGS}}

Kelly said...

Hi Lori!

I am getting ready to do a quick post about fly control/sprays etc. I was just wondering if I could use the 1st picture "Hiding from the flies" In my post? With a link back to you of course:)I try to find just the right pics for each post and yours are always so good!

Kelly -

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