Saturday, April 21, 2007

21 April 2007

It never rains but it pours, I have had an absolutely hectic day trying to get caught up with cleaning the stables etc. and Larry has been having a really bad reaction to one of the drugs he is taking and has been out of it since this morning. The doctor is with him now and is running tests to try to get to the bottom of it. Lets hope it is something easily remedied.

Taxes is an absolute brat!!!! I have never had such a spunky, brave, adventurous, cheeky baby before. He runs towards the fence dividing the paddocks whinneying in his deep whinney for the other girls to take note much to his mother's dismay. She spends her day scurrying after him keeping him out of trouble LOL. He has to bite and lick everything that comes in his path. I had to teach him about electric fence today, it is a very low voltage but they dont like it much but he was pushing against it and biting it and I was worried that he would get onto the other side and then I would have had drama, so I had to turn it on and let him find out the hard way :-(

I hope tomorrow is better. My love and ((((Hugs))))) to you all, I really miss visiting everyone's blogs and seeing all of the shots, hopefully I will get back into it soon. Talj, Julie, Julie, MiKael, Anna, Anna, Abe, Mike, and anyone else I have forgotten who has stuck with me through this, thanks so much.

"See" y'all tomorrow




Julie Blair said...

Hi Lori,
Taxes sounds like such a brat! heehee.....he is so cute though. I bet the fence ordeal was a real wake up call for him! A little jolt of a surprise! haha. Hope hubby is OK. Prayers and hugs to both of you!! You are so good at blogging daily. I have not felt like it much. I miss shooting....
:-( I need to set up some shoots soon! Have a good day Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Well, as you said, Lori, you pretty much got a full plate. Take care of yourself and your family and then take time to explore the world around you. Nice photo today too.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

talj said...

Dear Lori,

Love and very big {{{HUGS}}} to you and Larry, I hope the doctor can sort out the medication problems!

I cant help but smiling at Taxes antics, he sounds like a real handful but a sweetheart at the same time!

Take care Lori xx

CG said...

Sian and I had a lovely time this morning looking at all the photos of Taxes since he was born; she has really fallen in love.

Am so sorry to hear about Larry; I hope he gets sorted soon. Give him best wishes from julie in England.


Mike said...

I think I may know the reason your new little addition is such a brat. Perhaps he is trying to live up to that "name". He is such a dandy though. With all that spunk and a name like that he can only go places!

I pray for you and Larry to get through this ordeal. I can imagine it is very difficult. We are all behind you!

Take care.

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