Sunday, April 22, 2007

22 April 2007

Another week bites the dust. I mentioned yesterday that all of our spring flowers are dead from the cold snap we had just over a week ago. While I was walking around the field yesterday watching Taxes I noticed these tiny little flowers. The were about half an inch in diameter so I clicked them quickly. Might be the only burst of color we have here this year.

Larry is doing okay, still having a reaction to something, making him paranoid, and the doctors are still monitoring him. I say it is the morphine but who am I to say anything LOL. It did the same thing to him last time. Other than that he is doing well, a bit hard to have a conversation with him though.

I went to the opening of the local art exhibition that I am participating in today. It will run for a month in the Town Hall. I met a few of my fellow artists and photographers there. I must say we have a lot of talented people considering we only have a population of about 8000 - 9000.

Tomorrow the trainer is coming to fetch the Thoroughbred mare that we board in the off season Gee. I am really excited because she is the lady that trained her before the guy who owns her now bought her and she knows her well. She was always in the money every time she ran. I am sure she is going to be sooooo happy to get out and do what she is bred for again. She is an amazing mare, such an easy keeper and nice to be around.

I have also posted a picture of the brat that I took today, I just cant get over him. He is amazing, no fear and a real stud already!! I think we are going to have to geld him soon. His poor momma has a sore front leg and is limping and it is no wonder because she is constantly having to gather him up and get him out of mischief. This is one of the rare occasions he isnt getting up to something. Looking at him here, butter wouldnt melt in his mouth, little angel (NOT) LOL.

Hope you all had a great Sunday. ((((Hugs)))))



Julie Blair said...

Lori, he is sooo cute...such a cute photo of him sleeping....he seems like such an angel sleeping....I guess all moms say that about their kids! Wait till they are awake eh?
Have a great week. I posted on my blog today by the way....

Chad Oneil said...

Great flower and horse images.

Rising Rainbow said...

yes, they're so sweet when they're sleeping. They're fun to watch when they're in trouble. Babies are just so much fun.

Hope you're weather stays nice, it's raining here again.

CG said...

He is really adorable! Sian wanted to know who Blaze is, with you on your profile photo. Hope Larry is doing ok.

talj said...

Such pretty flowers! Good to hear that Larry is doing ok,hope he is home with you soon!

Thinking of you always Lori, love and {{BIG HUGS}} xx

Tracey said...

Now, how can such a sweet, adorable little thing be such a brat?

Mike said...

Nice shots Lori, I agree with the others, how can he be so bad when he looks like that sleeping?

Hope you and Larry are doing well.

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