Sunday, May 13, 2007

13 May 2007

I went over to collect Cayenne today, she is lookng awesome!!! Here is a picture taken of her this afternoon. I have taken her home so that I can start getting her riding and hopefully sell her. She is such a mischievious filly, she will steal things out of your pockets, if there is a way out of a field she will find it right down to stepping between the strands of wire!!!! So electric tape or wire is a must for her LOL. She has had cats and little dogs sitting on her back and just stands stock still because she doesnt want to upset them and make them fall.

Here is a shot of Taxes (brat baby) taken this afternoon too. He is starting to muscle up nicely and fill out. He gives his momma a hard time, biting her and jumping on her, she actually warned him off today with a small kick (not hard, just a warning) while I was watching them. He is getting stuck into his mothers grain now too so I am going to have to come up with a "creep feeder" (a pan that he can get into but his mother can't) so that he can start eating more grain.
And lastly here is my bottle baby, Wiggle, looking great. She is still a little ribby but is coming on very nicely. She and the others are all so happy and healthy there. No mud and dust to deal with
We are gearing outselves up for a busy week, tomorrow a trip to the hospital in Fort Wayne to see the surgeon and then in the afternoon the vet is going to geld the two stallions. Thursday back to Fort Wayne for the bladder stones to be zapped, and this weekend is my first horse show shoot which is an hour and a half drive from home. It is held over two days so it will mean a lot of driving and I don't have Larry to help me so I am not sure how I am going to manage to get pictures onto the computer and ready for people to view while still covering the ring action. They have very few breaks and then they are each normally only half an hour at a time.

Hope you are all well and had a great weekend!!!




MPRPRO said...

You are amazing.

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh man, am I out of it, I read that have a great weekend and thought, geez it's only Saturday. Then realized it's Sunday. Not good.

Hope everything goes ok. The horses look great. Wiggle is definitely in better flesh.

Good luck with all your stuff. My week is about the same amount of running just different tasks.

Mark said...

Amazing pictures of the horses and insects.
Cheers Mark

Kathy C said...

Great photos Lori. It's so nice to see Wiggles looking better.

For the weekend maybe there is a teenager that is interested in photography that you could use as an intern this summer?? My husband uses interns all the time, they are eager to learn and not too expensive.

CG said...

Three gorgeous photos; taxes looks amazing and wiggle has a special place in my heart - glad she's doing better!!

Wish i could help out at the horse show, hope your trip to the surgeon works out ok. HUGS xxx

talj said...

wonderful photos!! I hope that everything has gone well today and that you and Larry are home safely! :o)

Anonymous said...

Really nice photographs Lori. I think all of your horses are such great looking animals. I know some of it has to do with their care and some with where they are and things like that. I am always amazed at how much you do.

Julie Blair said...


Wiggle looks sooo much better! Wow! I am glad she is gaining weight. She looks happier too. Hope your week goes well. Hugs to ya!

photogchic said...

I love Cayenne--She is just gorgeous. Little Taxes--just tries to look so sweet and innocent---we know better:-) Wiggles with her medicine hat on---they are all great horses.

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