Saturday, May 12, 2007

12 May 2007

Hi all, I went to feed the mares in the pasture down the road this evening and they were all at the far end of the field. When they saw me they came running over. Cat was the only one (the B&W at the back) who took her time LOL. The second picture is of BB the Blue Roan filly. She is looking awesome. In fact they are all looking so great, it makes me very happy to see them and I could just sit in the grass and watch them all day snapping photos of them as they interact.

I am going to collect Cayenne tomorrow and am taking my filly Lori with me in the trailer because we anticipate Cy being a problem. She has become very herd bound with her mother and every time Pepper tries to do anything with her mother, Cy throws a fit. I may leave her and Lori at the pasture for a few days, then bring Lori back so I can start riding her. It will give me time to get the yearlings on track. It will also save me a bit on hay, it is costing me $15 a day just in hay at the moment.

We had a warm humid day again, we need a bit of rain now. A few weeks ago we had too much and the farmers couldnt put their crops out in soggy fields, now it has been dry long enough for them to get them planted but there is no rain in sight!!

I hope you all had a great Saturday and hope for a wonderful Sunday. ((((Hugs))))



talj said...

So good to see these pictures and hear you upbeat about the health of your horses {{{HUGS}}}

Hope you and Larry can enjoy the rest of the weekend ahead of your busy week xx

Rising Rainbow said...

they look so pretty all peppered across that gorgeous green pasture. Wish I had a place like that for my horses.

They definitely look happy out there. There always has to be one that takes her time. lol

CG said...

BB is a real beauty. Have a great week, dear Lori xxx

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