Friday, May 11, 2007

11 May 2007

I didnt cheat, I know it is catblogging day, if you click on the picture above to see the larger view you will see my ginger kitty right in the background just above where Taxes' tail is and to the right!!! LOL

He is definitely built for speed!!!! I fall more and more in love with this colt every day.

The Bladder stone thing has now been rescheduled for this Thursday so we will see, we also have an appointment on Monday with the plastic surgeon in Fort Wayne to check on the surgery from this last hospital visit. To cap it all the vet has also rescheduled again to geld the two studs on Monday afternoon after we get back from the hospital. It is going to be a busy week by the looks of it.

I went to feed the mares tonight down the road and they are looking wonderful, clean and shiny and healthy. No mud to deal with just lots of grass. They all ate their grain tonight so they are starting to get into a routine. I am hoping to go and fetch Cy from my friend this weekend and I will turn her out there too. We may as well make the most of the grass while it is there.

It has been hot and humid again today. I managed to get two stables stripped and cleaned. My filly Lori needs to be ridden so I am hoping to start with her tomorrow and also have to start training the yearlings so that they will have a better chance of being sold. We still have our friend's mare here to be bred to Blue (the white colt). She is still in season so we have to breed her every two days until she wont accept the stud. When she goes it will give us another free stable for the yearlings.

Well that is about it from me today. Hope you all have a great weekend. Thanks to all my new visitors I will get to you eventually too, am making nice headway with catching up on my blogging friends and comments. (((((Hugs))))))



Mike said...

Lori, these shots of Taxes are wonderful. I just love that name. I am also glad you got that cat in there!

Hope you have a restful weekend getting ready for the busy week ahead.

talj said...

Wonderful shots, as always! I'll let you off the catblogging...I am sure I can see the ginger cat in your first shot ;o)

Great to hear you sounding so happy about the horses you got back from the trainer a while ago, I know how upset you were but just a short time back in your care and they are doing well and are happy! Go Lori!

Glad to hear Larrys appointment has been rescheduled and hope that all goes well for you in your busy week next week! {{{HUGS}}} xxx

John Roberts said...

No need to apologize - the horse photos are much more intersting!

CG said...

Hope you have a good weekend and I can see your ginger kitty ok :)

Taxes gets more and more wonder you're in love with him!!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm with John, no need to apologize! I love the horse photos but I appreciate the cat one's as well.........but I do think you're stretching it just a wee bit saying the cat in the background makes it a catblogging pic. Now if I could have caught my gelding chasing my cat this morning, that would have been enough focus on the cat as a true character in the shot. rofl

Sounds like things are a little more upbeat right now, that's good. Our gelding party got postponed a couple of times too, but we finally got it done. Don't worry yours will happen too.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Anna said...

Coming by for my daily fix of equine cuteness! :)

Have a good weekend Lori...

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