Thursday, May 10, 2007

10 May 2007

The story of my life, ten minutes before the ambulance was meant to be here to transport us to the hospital they called to cancel because they had two emergencies and one ambulance that had broken down!!!!! Sooooo we wait for the next instalment. Larry and I both get ourselves worked up because it involves a general anaesthetic and possibly an overnight stay in the hospital and after out last experience we are not too keen to repeat the performance. Oh well.

I took Wiggle and BB to the pasture down the road today and Cat and Piglette were so glad to see them although the running didnt last long before they all put their heads down and started devouring the grass LOL. I have a few pictures today of their glee. Cat and Piglette are absolutely glowing with health, Piglette's coat is shining like I have never seen it shine. The pasture is surrounded by fields where they either grow corn or soy beans and they are just sowing the seed now so it will look nice and green in a few weeks.

I am running very late tonight so am going to keep this short. Hope everyone is well and wishing you all a great Friday. See y'all tomorrow.





Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, that field the horses are in looks great. So lush and green bet they are happy campers to be out in that!

Sorry to hear your plans got canceled. It's hard enough to get set for something like that only to have it shot down.

Have a good Friday.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos. And your description certainly goes well with the pictures. They really look like they are having a ball.

I can say that I have a grease sandwich recipe under a Canada Goose.

CG said...

How frustrating about the cancellation!
Wonderful photos of your happy horses!! xx

Mike said...

How beautiful these photos are. I love the field they are in and they look so happy.

I am so sad to hear about your plans getting messed up. Healthcare can be so frustrating. I hope Larry is taking it well and you get in and out quickly when it does happen.

Take care.

Anna said...

They are having so much fun! I hope that your plans can get rescheduled with little frustration.

Have a wonderful Friday Lori!

talj said...

These images are just wonderful to see Lori and I can almost here the joy in your voice when you talk about how well they are doing!

So sorry to hear they cancelled Larrys appointment, sadly they dont think about how worked up people get about these things :o( I hope they rearrange things for you both soon {{{HUGS}}} xxx

Trail Ridin' Mama said...

Hello, wow your horses are beautiful. I love your photos. We are new to the horse blog world and I just wanted to say hi and compliment your photos and horses. Have a nice day!

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