Wednesday, May 9, 2007

9 May 2007

Another hot humid day. I have a friend's mare here to be bred to Blue so I got that done today, have to breed them again tomorrow as this is the first mare that he has bred this year and then every two days until she wont accept him anymore. Their season normally lasts 7 days and they cycle every three weeks (two weeks out and one week in). This is normally why people like geldings for show horses, they are not hormonal like the mares and testosterone junkies like the stallions LOL. Hopefully she will be able to go home at the weekend. The vet is coming on Saturday morning to geld Blaze and Dosie. I will be glad when that is over.

I forgot to tell you that I took Piglette and Cat (the black mare and the black and white spotted mare) to their pasture for the summer which is three miles down the road. I have forgotten to take my camera every time I have been there!!!!!!! I go every evening to give them a bit of grain and there is so much lovely grass there they should be as fat as pigs in no time. I am going to put two more mares there still but am not sure which ones they will be. They were so happy to see all that grass. I will try to remember my camera tomorrow and take a picture of them in their grass heaven.

The pictures today are of brat trying to hide from the flies. He is a constant source of pictures. This evening he had a huge game when I called them out for their hay and grain, and I didnt have my camera, it was a bit dull outside anyway to get good shots. I have started feeding them out in the pasture in the field next to the other mares who are also sleeping out because it is so warm. We had a few small showers today, not really enough to do any good and it made it very humid.
Well that is it. We have to go to Fort Wayne to the hospital again tomorrow as Larry has bladder stones that need to be lazered. I am hoping they will let him come home straight away but there is a chance that he will have to stay in overnight. Crossing fingers that he can come home straight away.
I am going to catch up on a few more comments tonight and will se y'all tomorrow. Have a great Thursday!!! ((((Hugs)))))


Julie Blair said...

lori, I am so in love with Taxes...he is sooo cute and mischievious too. He looks so vulnerable in these pictures....thanks for sharing him with us!
Have a safe drive to the hospital tomorrow.
(Thanks for visiting my blog!I was beginning to think nobody was visiting me.)

Rising Rainbow said...

I love these pictures. Babies are so sweet in amongst mom's tail. I need to try and get something decent of my guy, he's getting so pretty. I didn't expect him to be quite as pretty as he is.

Hope Larry gets in and out like you hope.

Glad to hear the vet is coming to get your gelding done. That will be a relief. I know it was here.

Hope you have a great day.

Mike said...

Great pictures. Taxes won't be able to do that long as he keeps growing.

Hope your trip back to the hospital is short and safe.

Take care.


Anna said...

Very sweet Lori...these have been so great. :) Have a god rest of your day and thanks for coming by last night for a visit on my blog! It is always good to hear from you! :)

talj said...

Lovely photos Lori, he sure looks like a bundle of fun! Hope the weather settles for you soon and that you remember to take your camera out with you!!!

Will be thinking of you and Larry and hoping all goes well {{{HUGS}}} to you both xx

CG said...

Taxes is a real personality! will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well for Larry tomorrow. lots of love to you both xxx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy with the horses. I hope everything goes well for all.

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