Friday, May 18, 2007

18 May 2007

MiKael your wish is my command LOL. Actually I have been wanting to get a shot like this since he was born because he is absolutely fascinated by the birds, cats, bunnies and everything he sees. My cats are very wary of the horses and treat them with respect. My filly doesnt like little animals, cats or dogs and will stomp them if she can. This is because the neighbors dogs have terrorised her since she was a baby by barking at and chasing the horses. This is not shot in ideal conditions because the sun was on the other side of them but I snapped it while I could.

So for catblogging day here is Taxes saying hi to Wildcat much to Wildcat's dismay LOL.

Well guys it is 10.30 here and I have had a long day, unloaded hay, cleaned stalls, doctored the Thoroughbred mare who has kicked the wall and has a hock that is up like a balloon and all the other 1000 things I do every day and I still have to pack my equipment for the trip tomorrow. I will have to leave at 6.30am because the show starts at 8am.

Oh one thing which I am stoked about, I sold my first two framed prints today, two of the pictures I had displayed at the local exhibit of local artists at the City Building. Woohoo.

Have a great weekend all, I will try to get my posts done from Larry's computer each night.




Rising Rainbow said...

Too cute! I love it. The kitty doesn't look like it knows what to think about Taxes up close and personal. But you didn't say it went badly so maybe they'll be friends someday.

My cats love the horses and go in with them all the time. Dandy chased Squeaker the other day but not to get her, just to play.

Congratulations on selling double and hope all goes well and you have fun at the show.

Anna said...

What a curious moment....captured! Very nice Lori!

Julie Blair said...

Love the cats expression...too cute...hope you are having fun shooting at the show and congrats on selling some images! How cool! :-)

talj said...

WOOHOO!! Great news on the prints Lori, thats fantastic!! :o)

Love the shot of Taxes and you are right, the cat is definitely not impressed!

Hope you have a great weekend {{{HUGS}}} xx

Mike said...

Hey congratulations on the sale of those two prints! That is terrific.

Hope the show went well today. I really like this cat blogging day post. Good capture of a tense moment for this cat.

CG said...

That's a great shot! I love the photo of the lady riding in the post above but can't seem to be able to post a comment. What a fabulous horse.

You have such a busy life...wish I could help out - but you know that!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes this happens to me. I wanted to leave a comment on todays post or the post of the lady riding th ehorse but there is no place to click to leave comments. Shucks.

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