Wednesday, May 23, 2007

23 May 2007

I dont have any new shots of Taxes today that have been edited. It has been a bit of a sad day for us as we heard late last night that his Daddy had to be put down. He was on loan to a breeder in Oklahoma and apparantly he got kicked badly and it broke his shoulder. He was an awesome horse. He was also the Daddy of four of the yearlings we have still and the grand-daddy of BB the blue roan filly. So today's post is dedicated to How D Special Dude, his legacy lives on. Taxes will be one of his last foals along with the three that we are expecting from our mares in Iowa and our four yearlings. I dont have any photos of him unfortunately.

Today's picture is of Cat in the new pasture. I had a new visitor to my blog yesterday, her name is Dee and she is the lady that we got Cat from five years ago. Welcome Dee, I will be in touch, thanks for the visit and I am glad that you are doing well.

I have been in contact with the lady who was interested in Wiggle a few times and she has asked to be kept up to date. I e-mailed her again yesterday with the latest photos so hopefully she will be in contact. Keeping fingers crossed. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason in my life and if she is meant to stay then that is what will happen because this is her place. I love her to bits and it is going to be very hard to part with her.

MiKael I hope that the weather settles down for you, boy I dont think that i could deal with that kind of climate. This is bad enough. I know what you mean though every time you get going with a project something comes along to interfere with it and you never get it finished, I have been like that so many times with the stud we have had gelded, Blue and my filly Lori. I hope Rachael and Legs' lesson went well, look forward to hearing the outcome. Ooooooh a new baby can't wait, you must take lots of pictures. I will try to check in on marestare to see how she is doing.

Hey Mike it is dangerous to make statements like that LOL. Taxes is for sale you know, I may just tie a road map around his neck and send him on his way in your direction!!!!

I am going to try to get out early tomorrow morning while it is still cool and get some pictures of the Brat baby, they spend most of the day in their stall because the horse flies are starting and they get really bad when it is hot.

Well that is it for today, wish I had more photos to post but I am getting behind on my editing what with the show to get finished.

((((Hugs)))))) to all that need them. See y'all



Anonymous said...

Such sad news much be disheartening to say the least. I know you will carry on as there are other horses who love you just as much.

Today is the third episode in One Day in the Life of a Robin. It is about the toilet issues -- the poop sack. Tomorrow will be the end of the series with an unforgettable set of pictures. Hope you can see them.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Dee said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your blog today. Great picture of CAT thanks for posting it ! So sorry to hear about Taxes sire, what a tremendous loss. Hope you are all well today and in try to be in good spirits, it is a beautiful warm day.
We had a new Grulla filly born on the farm last night, she is amazing!

CG said...

That's so sad about Taxes' daddy :( But Cat looks amazing.

Rising Rainbow said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. As big as horses are, they are so fragile. Lossing one to such an accident is always so unexpected and so devestating. It is definitely the hard part about loving horses.

You won't believe I forgot my camera for Rachel's lesson on Legs. Colleen took one on her cell phone and is supposed to email it to me so I have a pic for the post.

I laughed at your comment about the weather because I feel the same way when you talk about yours...I could never take that. lol It's just been an unusual spring.

Aana is tormenting me hanging onto that foal as long as she can. I know it'll get here someday but today would be nice. I hate this waiting part.

I'm going to meet with a friend of mine this afternoon, that will be a nice break.

I hope you have a good day.

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