Tuesday, May 22, 2007

22 May 2007

I am VERY late this evening. I caught up on some of my visits and comments today so if I didnt get to you I hopefully will in the next couple of days. I have all of the proofs from the show posted on my site now so hopefully that will generate some sales, keep fingers and toes crossed LOL.

I know you have all been having withdawl symptoms not seeing Taxes (Brat Baby) so here is a shot of him being bad again. Also a picture of Wiggle taken today who is looking really amazing, in fact all four mares are thriving and fat.

Very hot and humid here today, makes it difficult to do anything outside. I took Blaze the one yearling out for a walk down the drive to collect mail today and also introduced him to the water hose. He took it all in his stride and hardly flinched!!!! This really is a great laid back baby, he is going to make someone a lovely quiet ride.

Well I must get this in before midnight LOL so hope you are all having a great week. See y'all tomorrow.




Kathy C said...

The picture of Wiggles is amazing. I am so glad he has bounced back so well.

Anna said...

They look wonderful Lori! Glad to see them!

Mike said...

Wow I am behind. I actually missed commenting on one of these. The brat is back! Alright. I think he has become my favorite little horse.

Hope all is well and you get caught up soon. I have been behind lately too. Thanks for your comments at my site. I always enjoy seeing what is new here.

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh Taxes, Taxes you are a naughty little boy aren't you? And your momma just puts up with your antics. LOL

Wiggles definitely looks fat and sassy, good for you, Lori. I know it must be a relief to have her bounce back so quickly after her neglect at the hands of that so called trainer.

Are you going to contact the woman who was interested in her, now that the mare is looking so great?

Boy, you've been busy if you've gotten all of your proofs posted online already. I hope you get lots of sales.

I'm meeting myself coming and going here and don't seem to be making much progress. I think I'm just getting my stride working horses and the weather changes again and I'm back trying to figure out how to work around it. Sure could use a stretch of good weather so I can start riding these young horses and get myself back in shape.

Tonight is the night Rachel has a lesson on Legs and I haven't even ridden him yet. I have bitted him up and worked him in the round pen a few times and he's definitely ready to go back to work. So we'll see how it goes. I'll post the outcome.

Aana is getting close and closer. I want a filly out of that mare so badly. Cross your fingers.

Hope you have a great day!

Dee said...

HI Lori it is Dee in Ohio. I seen how great Cat is looking. You must be thrilled with the babies you have had with her. I am so happy for you and Larry. You worked hard to keep her healthy and have done a wonderful job. I am raising well bred Appys now and loving every minute of it. I have a website www.libertyacresfarm.com Drop me an email at Libertyacres@aol.com I would love to hear from you. I am mingling in my own photography and would love to share a couple pictures.

CG said...

Taxes and Wiggle both look fantastic!I hope she finds a good home...wish we could have her!

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