Monday, May 28, 2007

28 May 2007

Another very hot and humid day. I try to stay out of the extreme heat and when I do go out I do it in short shifts LOL.

The horses are all doing well, I hope to have shoes put onto Lori so that I can start riding her because she is getting fat!!!! She is wanting to be doing something too. She is such a livewire.

Taxes is doing really well and starting to develop a real halter horse look, like his daddy, rest his soul :-(

The picture of the brat that I posted today was taken a week or so back, I just thought it was too cute with the grass hangingout of his mouth. He went on to rear and buck and run after this was taken, all with the grass hanging out of his mouth LOL. He really needs company, the mare that has the baby in Iowa will probably come back in July/August so it will be weaning time and I can put the two of them together. It is another stud colt so they should be good for each other!!

Hope you are all well. ((((((HUGS)))))))



Julie Blair said...

Lori, Taxes is just too cute. He has the biggest eyes! I love this pic with the grass in his mouth. Can't believe you all are so hot already. We are having alot of marine layer at the coast and it is only in the 60's here...hotter inland though. Thanks for sharing the pic.

Mike said...

I think he is the greatest! I agree with Julie he has great big soulful eyes.

Hope you are doing well.

CG said...

Oh, he's so gorgeous!!! I want one so much.

Keep cool, Lori...cold and damp here!!!

Anna said...

OK, how cute is that with the grass in his mouth? He is TOO much!

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