Tuesday, May 29, 2007

29 May 2007

Very very hot again today, mid to upper 80s, sheesh what happened to spring, we never had it!!

My pictures today are of some birds I saw bathing in a puddle on my way down the road coming back from feeding the mares at the new pasture. They were at a stop street so I checked for cars approaching and there were none so I whipped my camera out, rolled down the passenger window and shot off a few frames. Unfortunately I forgot it was my 80-400 lens which I have to back off from the long end a tad or else the shots are a bit soft so they were not as sharp as I would have liked. I have noticed these birds there a few times so hopefully I will get another chance.

The next one is of brat baby (Taxes) doing contortion exercises again (he had an itch). I havent spent as much time around the horses recently because it is unbearable outside from 8.30 in the morning until 8 at night which doesnt leave much more time to do anything.

I will start catching up on my visits from tomorrow again to you all, dont be too mad at me :-(. Hope you are all well and ((((Hugs)))) to all that need them.

Oh and Mike, dont worry if I send Taxes in your direction I will give you all the tuition you need to take care of him LOL



Rising Rainbow said...

Those birds will take advantage of water anywhere to bathe.

Taxes is sure growing. It surprises me still that he no longer looks like a newborn. It seems like only yesterday.

It was too hot here today too. Supposed to be hotter tomorrow. I'm going to be up aat 6 to work horses. YUK! A happy medium would be nice.

Hope you have a good day.

AB said...

Taxes is getting more and more gorgeous by the day! He's a joy to look at, and I'm so glad you keep posting photos of him.

I will GLADLY swap weather with you! It's the end of May, and the last few days have felt more like a sodden British March.... rain, rain and more rain, and temperatures hovering around 12 Celcius. Ick!



Donna said...

Now that I have a foal at my disposal I can't stop taking pictures of her either! Their little tails kill me. I hope you get some relief from the weather soon. How is your husband?

Mike said...

What a cute little guy. Too bad they don't stay small huh? I don't think he would like my mini back yard very much. I know I know buy a farm.

Take care, hope you and Larry are doing well.

CG said...

what a beautiful photo of the brat baby lol

we are cold and wet here worse luck xxx

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