Wednesday, May 30, 2007

30 May 2007

I can't believe that I have lasted this long and have posted every day for one day short of 5 months. I am using this as my therapy LOL and am enjoying it and love all the new friends I have met. For those of you that don't know, I met my husband through an MSN horse group while I was living in London. After corresponding and talking on the phone for months I decided to come over and meet him and I stayed. On 17 June I have been here for 6 years!!! So you see great things can happen through the internet, although it has changed a lot over the past 6 years and you have to be more wary. For all of those who regularly visit, Mike, Julie (AB), Anna (CG), Anna (London), Julie Blair, MiKael, Abraham, L, Photogchic, Kathy C, Karen, Tracey and Natalya, I am so glad I have "met" you all, hopefully sometime soon we can all get together!!!

Today's pictures were shot a few days ago, The one of Lori and the water was an attempt for a challenge on DPC which didnt work. She loves water and will stand and get sprayed on hot days and love it!! The other one is of the brat running up the hill to the water trough which is where I feed them their hay and grain. Now that it is getting so hot so early and staying so hot so late I am feeding them more in their stall because the flies are unbearable and brat likes the fan that I have put in the stall. This afternoon it had cooled off a bit when I gave them their hay, they both came down to eat and he rushed straight back up the hill to the barn to stand in front of the fan!!!!! Spoilt brat LOL. They spend most of the night hours out grazing and then the days inside trying to stay away from the flies and biting insects. He does love to run and get to running flat out, it amazes me how fast he can go sometimes. I avent had any horses in the field next to them since I put the other mares out at the other pasture and I think he is missing them. I hope I manage to get the yearlings leading soon so that I can turn them out at night there and he will have interaction with other horses even if it is on the other side of the fence.

I am very late again tonight so I am going to sign off. I have tried to catch up on a few of my blog buddies and will continue to post tomorrow. ((((((((Hugs)))))) everyone.




talj said...

It's been a great few months Lori...even with all the sh*t life has thrown at us all!

I met Damian 'on the internet' and haven't regretted it for minute. Some how when he 'left' a few new people crept into my life and now they are my closest friends! I don't know where I would be without this 'vital' line to the outside world!!

Much love to you, Larry and the horses :o) {{{HUGS}}} xxx

Clint said...

Great shots...beautiful colors

Rising Rainbow said...

I love the shot of Lori and the water. She is a character.

Taxes looks like he's practicing his dressage moves. I'm glad the bugs aren't as bad here as they are there. That's one of the reasons we didn't go to Wisconsin was the buggy hot humid springs and summers.

Hope all is well there.

CG said...

Dear Lori, I often wondered how you and Larry met!
I have met some of my dearest friends on the Internet.I wouyld be lost without it, and them. Through the new experience of blogging I've met more great new friends and it would be lovely to think one day we meet up.

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