Monday, May 7, 2007

7 May 2007

Well the vet cancelled on us so we are still going to have to go through the trauma of gelding the two boys, not sure when yet.

Thanks everyone for you very kind comments on my appearance LOL. I am really a typical photographer combined with a horse breeder, no makeup, "natural" hair style, denims, sneakers and T shirts. I normally have more hay in my hair than the hay loft and am covered in white horse hair in the spring when the horses all start shedding out!! MiKael I am convinced that we would be a perfect pair and get on like a house on fire because we really do think alike on a lot of stuff LOL.

I have posted three pictures taken today of Taxes (brat baby). Two of them I think capture his true personality. I have been trying to get a shot like this of him since he was 3 days old but he is always too close to me to get one because the bucks etc. are normally too close to me as he is normally buzzing me when he does it, little brat. I have him and mom turned out 24 7 at the moment, they have a gate from their stall into the field and I leave that open because it is getting quite hot now and I have the electric fence working so feel they are happier being out in the cool at night. Before that late cold snap that we had there were a lot of mosquitos already and so far since it has warmed up again they havent made an appearance so I am hoping that the freeze zapped them and we wont have a lot around this year. The third shot is just to show you how the trains tower above the field and the horses. Sometimes they really motor down the track and I shudder to think what would happen if one had to derail!!! Needless to say the horses and ourselves never really see or hear the trains anymore we are so used to them being 50 - 100 feet away from the barn and house.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday.





John Roberts said...

I hope he grows into those legs soon! LOL!

Mike said...

Love the shots of Taxes. I really like the train picture!!!

Boy Taxes does look like a handful. I wouldn't want to be too close when he went into one of these kicking sprees.

Take care.


Rising Rainbow said...

The little monster is sure cute. I totally missed the train, was too busy looking at the horses. I though gee isn't that sweet, he's actually having a quiet moment. Probably didn't last long.......

Sorry to hear the vet cancelled. I know it's hard to have it all set in your mind and then not happen. It's a big decision.

I can't get free of the hay either. I take it with me where ever I go. It's in my pockets, my wallet, my bra sometimes in my ears, tonight I got an eyeful, that hurt.

It was actually warm here today around 75. I didn't know how to act lol

Hope you have a great day.

photogchic said...

Nice shots Lori--What a little troublemaker:-)

CG said...

Fantastic shots of taxes..those trains are HUGE!
I'm sorry the vet had to cancel :(

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