Wednesday, June 13, 2007

13 June 2007

This is going to be another quickie. Larry has been scheduled for surgery tomorrow at 11am and we have to be there by 9am so it is going to be an early morning and a looooong day.

The photo I have posted today is one I took a while back but it was entered into a challenge on DP Challenge so I didnt want to post it until now as the challenge is now over. Mike this is your little buddy being a total brat yet again LOL. He is definitely heading for I70 en-route for your house with a road map if he doesnt behave himself LOL.

I will keep you posted, need to get some sleep. (((((Hugs))))) everyone.



Anna said...

Hope his surgery goes well Lori.

What a great image! Looks like a rambunctious toddler! :)

Mike said...

Hey, I hope Larry's surgery goes well.

Taxes does look like a handful. I like Anna's description. A rambunctious toddler.

Take care.

AB said...

Hope all goes well with Larry's surgery. Keeping you both in my thoughts and sending lots of love.

I so love the photo of Taxes!



CG said...

Wonderful photo, sweetie xxxx

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