Tuesday, June 12, 2007

12 June 2007

Hi everyone. Mike as promised I took these shots of your Little Buddy, Taxes, today just for you. He was laying down while his momma was eating her hay this morning and trying to sleep.
The top one was him using one of the dead trees as a scratching post. He is shedding his baby coat so it must be itching something terrible. He is such a little stud. When I put Lori and Cayenne out this evening he strutted up to the fence nickering and being a real little man LOL. So cute.

AncientImages, thank you so much for you diligent posts. I will be visiting yours tonight. I am trying to work through all my blog buddies alphabetically so bear with me everyone. I miss looking at all of your pictures and reading your stories.

It looks as if Larry is going to have to go back into hospital for another surgery. We are very worried about it especially after the last experience. We are just waiting for the surgeon to give us a date. It never ends.

I am off to bed, it has been a long hot day again. AB, CG, Julie B, MiKael (hey I hope your weather improves soon too and that you get everything done for your open house, great news about the pending sale!!!!), Talj, Anna, Mike, Abraham, L, Karen, Kathy C and everyone I may have forgotten (it comes with old age, the memory starts faltereing LOL) (((((Hugs))))) for all of you, you are always in my thoughts.



Julie Blair said...

Taxes looks so calm and cute there. I really hate to see him grow up. It is funny that he thinks he is such the man already...flirting and all. I love seeing pics of him.

Hugs to you and Larry.

photogchic said...

Taxes looks like a little tank in these pitures. He is really filling out. Crossing our fingers for Larry.

talj said...

Beautiful images Lori! So sorry to hear that surgery looks likely for Larry, I will keep you both in my thoughts as always and hope that everything goes to plan this time!

{{{HUGS}}} xx

CG said...

Lovely pics of Taxes; he is growing up fast. I'm sad to hear Larry has to underfo another surgery :( Will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers all the time.
Take care {{HUGS}} xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of very intelligent animals. I admire you and your work with horses.

Hope the surgery works out for Larry.

Hang in there.

Thanks for the visits. I do appreciate seeing you.

Brookville Daily Photo

Ancientimages said...

He looks almost angelic here. What a sweetie. You do such wonderful work!

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