Monday, June 11, 2007

11 June 2007

It is quarter after 11 again, I am just getting this in on time. I tried to make an inroad on my visits and comments this evening and didnt get very far but I am trying LOL. Mike you are gonna be mad at me again, no Little Buddy pics today again :-(, I promise I will get something special of him tomorrow for you.

It has been a long day. No rain and nothing predicted in the forecast for the next 7 days so we are getting more and more worried.

The pics above are of the barn swallows in the old barn (one of the families). I was interested to see that one was more white and one brownish on the breast. I dont know if this is how you tell which sex they are, Abraham maybe you will know that. In the one with the two they were singing, they have an amazing singing voice, sound a bit like a canary. The other is of one of them in their nest which they built above the light fitting so I am hesitatant to use the light as I am scared they will get shocked or the light will be too hot. I havent had any horses in these stalls for a few months so they obviously thought it was a nice quiet place to nest. The third one is just a closeup of one of them. Such dainty little birds.

I rode Cayenne again this morning and wanted to do some more work with the other horses but it got so hot, upper 80s again. She did so well, she is such a beautiful filly, she amazes me every time I work with her, praying that I will find a good home for her.

Onward and upward, hopefully tomorrow will bring some more progress. ((((Hugs))))) to you all, you are all always in my thoughts.



Ancientimages said...

Ah Lori, I think you work too hard... and I don't know how you do it. I don't do half of what you do every day and I seem to fall asleep exhausted at my computer every night until one of my puppies wakes me up to tell me to go to bed!!

Your barn swallows are amazing. Wish we had some out here, but we have mainly grackles.... not nearly so beautiful.

I hope your forecasters are wrong and that you do get some rain soon. Folks around my area have the first cutting of hay on the ground, and some is baled, but most hasn't been picked up and stacked yet. It threatened rain this afternoon - temps in the 90's and dark clouds, but passed us over.

Take good care.....

Anonymous said...

First, thanks for the visit to my blog and for the long comment. I do appreciate it a lot.

Second, my advice on Barn Swallows is basic but the females undersides are more dull than the males. The immature ones are more like the ones on the right in the top photo of them singing but it also reminds me of a female as it is dull colored.

I looked in three books to check myself and none gave details I wanted.

The males usually have the whitest underparts or belly. So if the one on the right is dull and a female then the one on the left is the male.

I would turn the light on under the nest as it is mud lined with straw or stems and it might get too hot for the eggs.

The nature farm take a circle about the size of the nest in your picture and cuts it in half and then mounts it on an ordinary flat board and nails the flat part to a beam.

The barn swallows build their mud nests on that and would not use your electrical box. Which you could cover with something that would not catch fire.

I love swallows. They eat a ton of insects and spent most of their waking hours out skimming across pastures and grass snatching insects that take flight and then they feed them to the babys in the barn. Tree swallows are nice too.

Thanks again for your visit. Glad you got to see the first baby raccoon.

I have 1 baby raccoon today and a pile of poop!
Brookville Daily Photo

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, it is warm there and you're getting some riding done. Good for you!

It's been cool here and I'm still not getting my riding done.

I've been doing yardwork trying to get this place ready for our open house. But I did ground drive Rhythm yesterday and will get him done here again. Must have video of him under saddle by Thursday and haven't ridden him in months. yikes!

I hope you get some rain soon. We need it here too. The weather may be cool and the showers are scattered and pretty much useless. It could be a dry summer for both of us.

CG said...

The swallows are wonderful. Really enjoyed seeing them. Don't wear yourself out TOO much!! HUGS xxx

Anna said...

These are so sweet Lori.

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