Saturday, June 2, 2007

2 June 2007

I collected Cayenne today and rode her at the trainer's place and then again this afternoon at home. She is doing really well considering she only has 2 weeks riding on her. The young teenagers that started her for me have started two mares for me before and are really great youngsters, they are meticulous in their barn and really good with the horses. The only problem is that it was 90F this afternoon and I overexerted myself riding and suffered a bit of heat exhaustion.

We had a nice storm brewing this evening and I could smell the rain, hear the thunder and see the clouds but we didnt get a drop, it just sailed on by east of us. There is another band moving in tonight, maybe we will get some, it is getting really desperate here at the moment, the crops are starting to shrivel.

I have posted a picture of the barn swallow babies from last year. This is for Abraham, I promise I will visit your blogs again soon so I can see what you have been up to. The other one is of Taxes having one of his energy splurges LOL. He is such a great foal, I will try to get more new shots of him soon.

I am off to bed now. Hope you all had a great Saturday and hope you have a wonderful Sunday. ((((Hugs))))))



Rising Rainbow said...

Energy splurges! That's a nice way to describe rearing! The little darling! Showing the world how tough he is.

Hope you get the rain you need. We could use some here too, but would be nice if it would rain at night and be dry during the day so I can get my work done.

I, also, spent too much time in the sun and have been sick for a couple of days. Every time I go back out in the sun I get sick again. I'm never going to get horses conditioned this way. now will I lose any weight. When I stay in, I eat!

Hope you have a nice Sunday. Complete with enough rain for the crops.

Mike said...

Love the pictures Lori. Taxes sure loves to show his stuff doesn't he?

I hope you get some rain soon, we have had 4 inches in the last two days. After 2 years of drought it is welcome.

Loved cat blogging day, some very nice pictures.

Karen said...

I love the horses pose, and a cute nest too!

Anna said...

Hey! I am finally back! These are so great Lori...of course....dont I say that everytime? :) Hope that you have a great week!

L said...

How old is Taxes now? He is really looking good!

Too bad about the heat - I know what that's like! I have to ride in the evenings now (I work too early to ride in the morning) because otherwise Mira AND I would pretty much just wilt...


CG said...

What a stunning shot of TAXES.He looks amazing. Don't you be overdoing it in the heat, ok? HUGS xx

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