Sunday, June 3, 2007

3 June 2007

Yet another hot hot hot day. At least we had one rain shower which lasted all of two mintes and was dry within half an hour!!! I put Lori and Cayenne out in the pasture this afternoon when it had cooled down. I havent had any horses in it since the others went to the pasture down the road so it has had a chance to grow a bit of grass despite the lack of rain. The top shot is of Lori and Cayenne getting tucked into the green stuff and the bottom one is of the very fat and happy mares down the road, Wiggle in the front.

I managed to get most of the stalls stripped and hopefully tomorrow will get them finished and filled up with sawdust and put everyone back where they belong.

My legs are so stiff after riding Cayenne yesterday!!!! Shows how unfit I am, MiKael I dont know how you do it although at the same time I wish I had more motivation to get my horses ridden every day. When Larry is up and about he can at least spend a bit of time out with me and then it is not so bad, I hate being out in the barn on my own.

Well guys, dont give up on me, I will get to you I promise. Mike, Talj, Julie B, CG, AB, Abraham, L, Donna, karen & MiKael you are all in my thoughts constantly. (((((Hugs)))))) to those who need 'em. Hope you all had a great Sunday.



Mike said...

Beautiful shots Lori, did my best to send some rain your way.

Sounds like life is getting somewhat back to normal. Hope so.

Give Taxes a pat for me. I noticed you haven't mentioned him being a brat for a couple days. Is he calming down?

Take care and have a good week.


Anonymous said...

I like your horses and they all seem to be happy. I like them in the fields. And you are busy all the time. When is it time out time for you? LOL

I guess that is the price we all have to pay for the things we love. Some people love work and some people love something that turns into work. I worry about the health of creatures and that bothers my wife. She keeps telling me this or that is not endangered. Well, I still don't like to see thing in need.

I really think you are doing a wow type of job with those horses and I think they know it.

Good luck this week.

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Ancientimages said...

Lori, the horses look beautiful and I can almost smell that grass. We are getting some rain here, so I hope it also heading your way. We went over Independence Pass yesterday and there is still a lot (as in feet and yards) of snow off the side of the road. It rained and then turned to flurries up top.

Take care, and please know that you have been in my thoughts even though I haven't posted recently. ***hugs*** to you. Take good care!

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, your field looks good, wish mine looked that good. Think I have more weeds than grass.

I chuckled at mike's comment about Taxes, you can tell he doesn't know colts. LOL

Believe me I get sore when Idon't ride all of the time. And I have't been riding here. Doing lots of ground work right now. My legs will scream when I do get back in the saddle.

Its raining here today, only off and on but we need it badly. I'm trying to get flowers planted and the place cleaned up and still have time to condition my horses for our annual open house. We moved the date up this year and it's closing in fast.

Hope you get some rain (Can't believe I'm wishing for rain!).

CG said...

The horses look as if they are enjoying the fields a lot! Hope your achy bits are easier now. If you get the chance, could you see my blog for today? Only cos I have some photos of S jumping on Jack!!!

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