Thursday, June 21, 2007

21 June 2007

Another very hot day. We didnt manage to get the photos of me riding, we will eventually LOL. It was too hot to be outside much so I am posting some flower shots I took while walking down to the mail box yesterday. These are all wild flowers, the yellow and white daisies and the yellow cluster of flowers are about the size of my thumb nail, tiny. The bee is on a milkweed plant flower. The milkweek is the staple diet of the Monarch Butterfly caterpillars. It is quite interesting how it all works. I am starting another blog for my creepy crawlies and critters so that I can get identities on plants and animals and share stories of what I find around here.

I will try to get up real early tomorrow to get some riding in and work with the babies. This is the only thing that I hate about summer temps. From today the days start getting shorter again, that always depresses me too because I know we are on our way towards winter, perish the thought.

Wiggle is suffering with her eyes. Because she has so much white under which is always pink skin and her one eyes are mainly surrounded by pink skin she is very sensitive to the sun and her one eye is really running and looking sore around it to the point that is wants to break open and bleed. I have put a fly mask on her because the flies just aggravate it, lets hope she keeps it on!!! I will take a picture of her tomorrow wearing it. If it doesnt improve I will have to bring her home to treat it properly. Holding thumbs that this works. I bathed it too with warm water and boric acid diluted into it.

Sorry Mike no pictures of your "no longer little" buddy Taxes. They spend most of the daylight hours in front of the fan in the barn. I will be thinking of weaning him in about 3 weeks or so. He could quite happily be weaned now, I hardly ever see him suckling anymore, but I never do it before 3 months. Then I can put him momma out in the pasture with the other mares down the road.

Well thats all for today, we are expecting rain over the next few days. I am not holding my breath as they have been saying that for the last 2 months and we are still waiting for anything significant.

Hope everyone is well ((((Hugs))))) to you all, you are always in my thoughts.



Mike said...

I love these Lori. Especially the top one, the detail is great.

Wow I guess Taxes is growing up fast. What age do you start working with the horses for riding? Can you tell I know absolutly nothing about horses? That is one of the reasons I like stopping by here.

I hope you have a good weekend and that you get some rain. Hope you and Larry are doing well.

Pat said...

What lovely flowers, Lori! Wonderful detail. I must get out and take more floral photos.

My PAD and
Guelph Daily Photo

talj said...

Such beautiful colours and compositions on each of these shots! {{{HUGS}}} xx

Donna said...

Yes, gorgeous photos, as usual. Wow, you wean at 3 months? I thought I heard my trainer say they'll let the fillies here nurse for 6 months.

CG said...

Just breathtaking; your pics today. I hope you get some rain. We have loads - I got soaked on my walk this evening. Looking forward to your new blog.

I think horses look so cute in those fly shields. Poor Wiggle... I hope her eyes get better soon.
Love & {{HUGS}}

Anna said...

AWESOME! These are spectacular...I am really going to have to come up with some better adjectives in the thesaurus for when I visit here....

Have a good weekend Lori!

Rising Rainbow said...

Hope you get things straighened around with Wiggle's eyes. That would be hard with the pink skin. I deal with a lot of sunburned noses because of white markings and pink skin but don't have to deal with eyes.

I can't believe you're talking about starting another blog. I can't keep up with one. Are yo sure the summer heat hasn't gotten to your brain? LOL

Hope you get the rain you want, we need some here too.

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